Choosing To Self-Exclude From Online Gambling

self-exclusion from gambling

Self-exclusion from online gambling is an important mechanism you can employ if you have, or think you might develop, a gambling problem. It’s removing temptation from something that has become a negative force in your life.

It’s also a big step and some elements might be confusing to you. We’re here to let you know exactly what self-exclusion from online gambling really means.

What’s the difference between time outs and self-exclusion from online gambling?

Time outs are a temporary break from online gambling. They can be anything from 24 hours to 30 days. On some sites, you also can set a custom time-out. They are not designed for people who have gambling addictions and are not a solution to treat problem gambling.

However, self-exclusion is long-term and, in some cases, permanent. If you engage in problem gambling, you should self-exclude from your online gambling accounts.

How long is self-exclusion from gambling websites?

You can self-exclude from gambling websites for anything from six months up until five years. You can also decide to self-exclude forever.

What do I need to do to self-exclude?

To activate self-exclusion from gambling on your account, go to your settings. You should be able to find a self-exclusion option there. If you don’t see it, contact customer services and they can assist you.

Can I still gamble when I choose to self-exclude?

This is a complicated question. Of course, if you self-exclude from an online site, it’s still possible to gamble in an offline environment.

On some sites, when you self-exclude there, you are automatically self-excluded from that company’s sister sites too. In other cases, it just applies to the site you have initiated the self-exclusion on.

Some sites allow you to self-exclude from some products but you can still access others.

However, we think that if you are worried you have a gambling problem, the best thing to do is to self-exclude from all forms of gambling and refrain from doing it online or offline.

What happens to my balance?

You can still log in to your account to withdraw your balance after you’ve self-excluded.

Can I re-open my account during my self-exclusion from gambling?

No, it is not possible to re-open until your account until your self-exclusion has ended. You also can’t open new accounts during this time period.

Will I still get emails when I self-exclude?

An annoying thing about self-exclusion is that it doesn’t always stop marketing emails or notifications from popping up. A lot of the time it does, but if you’re unsure, simply unsubscribe from any emails you receive.

It’s also worth unfollowing gambling accounts on social media and uninstalling all gambling related apps on your laptop or smartphone.

Are you worried you have a gambling problem?

If you’re worried you might have a gambling problem, you should certainly take steps to self-exclude from all your online gambling accounts. However, that’s not all you need to do. You should also get the help you need from trustworthy, independent organizations. The National Council on Problem Gambling can help you if you’re based in the United States. There are online resources and contact details, as well as a phone number (1800 522 4700), where you can talk to someone directly. Check here for a list of international problem gambling help organizations to find help outside of the United States.

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