gambling problem danger signs

It’s not pleasant to think about the possibility that you, or someone you love, is at risk of displaying problem gambling danger signs.

Having said that, it’s so important that you don’t ignore problem gambling danger signs when they do crop up. It can help you get the support you need to quit gambling before it becomes a major problem in your life.

Gambling problem danger signs

Now we’re going to list out some of the most common gambling problem danger signs. However, if none of these fit you and you still feel like you have a gambling problem, please continue to get help.

1. Friction in your closest relationships

Our friends, family and partners are the people we rely on the most for support. They’re the people who know us best.

If you can see your relationships with your loved ones deteoriting, especially if you often fight about your gambling, it’s time to take a look inside and honestly ask yourself if you need to stop betting so much or stop altogether.

2. Gambling more than you can afford

At the end of the month, do you find it hard to make ends meet? If the money you spend on gambling is making it more difficult to afford rent, mortgage repayments, or any other living expenses, then you need to stop gambling.

3. Putting bets on credit

An essential basic for anyone who gambles, online or offline, is that you should only ever gamble will money you have.

Never put your bets on your credit card or take out a loan to pay for gambling.

4. Betting to make up for losses

You’ve suffered a big loss, or perhaps a series of small ones. And you think to yourself, I could really turn this around with one big win. So you keep betting. This is never a good idea.

5. Always betting more and more

Maybe you’re not exactly spending more than you can afford on gambling. But you still find your gambling totals at the end of the month creeping up? Do you feel like you need to place bigger bets to get the same thrill as before? This is one of the major gambling problem danger signs.

6. You feel restless when you don’t bet

If you’ve haven’t placed a wager for a while, perhaps you start to feel a bit antsy. You know that restless feeling won’t go away until you relieve it with betting. This shows the harmful effect betting is having on you psychologically.

7. Lack of concentration

Many people with gambling problems notice that their interest in many things begins to wane. That can be hobbies, which is a bad sign indeed. Or it could be at work or studies.

When you notice your performance at work slipping or your grades falling, you need to ask yourself why. If you think gambling might be playing a part, you need to stop before you do serious damage to your future prospects.

8. Nagging feelings of guilt

Do you feel guilty about gambling? Perhaps you regret how much time or money you spend on your habit. Don’t ignore these feelings. They are a sign that you’re gambling too much for your own comfort.

9. Stressed out and anxious

Everyone goes through days when they feel stressed and anxious. But oftentimes people with gambling addictions find themselves much more stressed and anxious. Perhaps it’s a general feeling or maybe it specifically relates to gambling. Either way, you need to stop gambling and seek professional help.

Do you have gambling problem danger signs?

If any of these gambling problem danger signs sound familiar, the first thing you should do is stop all forms of gambling.

Go to your online sites and self-exclude or, at the very least, take a time out.

Then get further support to quit for good and deal with your problems from an independent organization, such as the National Council on Problem Gambling. This organization serves those based in the United States and are available via their phone line (1800 522 4700) or online.

If you’re not in the United States, there are lots of other organizations you can reach out to. See a comprehensive list of international problem gambling help organizations to get help close to where you are.