How To Score Huge With Sports, Slots, And Lotto Betting At Bet365

[toc]If you are a poker player or a sports betting enthusiast, then you’ll know that finding the big money prizes can be a case of being extremely talented (in the case of top quality poker players), extremely lucky, or a combination of both.

However there are ways to ‘get rich quick’ if you are lucky enough and you can do this through Bet365 – specifically some of the sister sites of Bet365 Poker offer games, or bets or markets which if you manage to hit the right prediction or combination, can prove to be very lucrative.

So if you want a low risk, high reward form of wager and want a chance of winning some serious money using the Bet365 selection of gambling sites, then here are some tips for finding the big bets and progressive jackpots that offer you a small chance at a big win!

Lotto betting at Bet365

When it comes to mass popularity and a high number of players, lottery (lotto) games remain amongst the most popular form of gambling in the world. Games like El Gordo in Spain, Powerball in the United States as well as Euromillions and the National Lottery in the UK have millions of players each week and offer people the chance to win a life-changing amount of money.

However, the chances are that you aren’t going to be the lucky ones celebrating with a huge cheque at the end of proceedings as the chances of winning the lottery are smaller than being hit by lightning. Although we would tentatively venture, slightly more preferable.

Did you know however, that there is a way you can bet on Lottery games from across the globe each week and if just one number comes up, you could walk away with a return on your bet?

This is thanks to Lotto betting as you can find on Bet365 Sport and this offers punters and new and more flexible way to wager on some of the world’s biggest lotteries several times a week. Not yet tried Bet365? Fear not, as a new account holder you’ll be entitled to a Bet365 Sport welcome bonus code to get your play kicked off right.

What is the difference between Lotto betting and playing a lottery?

National Lotto Betting At bet365The key difference between betting on a lottery and playing a lottery is that when you play a lottery, you are entering a ticket into that lottery and are bound by its terms and conditions and payout system. So if your lottery doesn’t offer a payout for one or two numbers, then if you land that number of numbers on your ticket, you won’t win. However you are eligible to win the jackpot if all of your numbers come up.

With Lotto betting, you are betting on the outcome of the lottery using the terms and conditions of the betting company, so you are not playing the lottery itself, this means you cannot win any of the prizes awarded by the lottery, but you can win your bet at the odds on offer from the betting company.

However, one of the benefits of betting on the lottery as opposed to playing it, is that you have a far wider choice of different bets available, some of which have a far greater chance of success than landing even the smallest of prizes on the lottery.

On occasion, the bookmaker can also pay out considerably more than the Lottery. In March 2016, there was a furore in the UK when people who matched five balls won only £15, as opposed to the usual prize of around £1,000 to £4,000 when so many people correctly predicted five balls.

If you had correctly picked all five numbers in the Spanish Lottery that week and placed a bet on them, then Bet365 would have guaranteed a return of 150,000/1 on your bet. For a £2 stake (that you would pay to enter the UK National Lottery) that is a return of £300,002 (remember, you also get your stake money back).

So as you can see, playing the lottery doesn’t necessarily offer the best chance of a big money win. Indeed, an increasing number of lottery fans are finding out that betting on the lottery offers more astute punters a far better chance of a long term profit than buying your lucky numbers on a lottery ticket each week.

What bets can I place on lottery games each week at Bet365?

Lotto bets at Bet365The reason that Lotto betting is potentially more profitable than playing the lottery is because of the sheer number of different bets available you can make on each lottery, allied to the fact that Bet365 offers betting on a large number of lotteries that take place around the world.

This includes the Irish, Spanish, New York, German, Canadian and Australian national lottery games as well as the twice daily 49s Lottery.

With your lottery ticket, you enter it and if you see the requisite numbers of balls drawn that match numbers on your card, then you’ll win a prize. The more numbers you land, the bigger the prize (mostly).

However there are no other bets available on the lottery (though some like the UK lottery also offer you entry into a Millionaire’s Raffle). However, with Lotto bets, you can tailor your betting to exactly the type of lottery bets you want to make.

For example, you can enter just one, two, three, four or five numbers as a bet and receive a payout if all of your numbers you select are drawn in the lottery. In the 49s Lottery for example, if you select just one number and it comes out in the Six number draw, you receive returns at odds of 13/2. For a Seven number draw, those odds are 11/2.

Pick two balls and see both drawn out of the hat in a Six Number draw and you win at odds of 66/1 (44/1 for a seven number draw). Three numbers land you prizes of 700/1 (6 numbers) or 440/1 (7 numbers) respectively.

These prizes are considerably more than you would receive back from a lottery prize for the same amount of numbers, however you should also note that you are only backing three numbers in the draw (so it isn’t a bet of three numbers from six as on the lottery ticket).

However, you can place Combination bets which are similar to Full Cover bets, which cover all possible permutations of the numbers you select and allow you the chance to win a huge amount of money. Although these bets can cost considerably more to place to cover all the possible options.

The range of other bets you can place on lottery games include betting on the Bonus Ball number, the colour of the Bonus ball, what the first number drawn in the lottery will be, the total value of all the numbers drawn when added together, whether the first ball drawn will be odd or even numbered, a HiLo bet (where you predict whether each ball drawn will be higher or lower than 25) and lastly a Odd/Even bet where you predict whether each ball drawn will be an odd or even number.

The types of bets available depend on the lottery draw with some draws having more bets available for them than others.

Lotto betting is a fast, fun way to enjoy a wager on one of many lotteries with a greater chance of earning a return and certainly a potentially better return if you hit fewer numbers in the draw. You may not have a chance of the multi-million top jackpot prize, but pound for pound all other payouts offer punters generally a much better deal than playing the lottery itself.
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Bet365 Sports –  Euro Soccer Bonus acca bets

If you are sports betting and in particular a soccer fan, then one great bet to consider is an accumulator bet, especially if you take advantage of Bet365 Sport’s Euro Soccer Bonus.

Place an accumulator of three selections or more using selections from the English, German, Italian and Spanish top leagues, or the Champions League, and if your predictions come in, you win!

Best of all, if your bet is successful, depending on the number of selections you can win up to a 100% bonus on top of your winnings.

So, if you pick a 14-team acca and win £1,000,000, the Euro Soccer Bonus means you would receive a 100% bonus on top of that, taking your winnings to £2,000,000!

Even on fewer selections, you can still earn a good bonus on top of your win. Pick a 5-team acca and you can win a 10% bonus on top of any winnings.

So if you land a £500 fivefold, you’ll take home an extra £50, simply for betting with Bet365.

You can’t bet, however, if you aren’t a Bet365 customer. Sign up using a Bet365 free money bonus code and be on your way to a chance at riches.

Bet365 Casino & Games – various progressive slots & games

If you don’t trust yourself to have the knowledge, skills or ability to pick a winning selection of football games, then there are other alternatives on the Bet365 network and one of these is to target the progressive jackpot games that the site hosts.

Most of these games are found on the Casino and Games section of the site and to find them, simply look under the “Jackpots” heading in each section to bring up a full list of all the progressive games available on each part of the site.

There are essentially two forms of progressive jackpot, slot machine games and other games which offer a progressive jackpot as part of their attraction.

Progressive slots

Bet365 offer a large number of progressive slot games with winnings ranging from a few hundred pounds, up to jackpots well in excess of £1,000,000.

If you are looking for the big money slots, then visiting the Jackpots section of each site is crucial as it displays the current jackpot levels for each game. As obviously, as one game is won, the progressive jackpot drops to the minimum level.

As a general guide the slot games on Bet365 that tend to offer the biggest progressive jackpots are:

On Bet365 Games:

  • Millionaires Club III
  • Winstar
  • Supercubes
  • Gladiator
  • Big Top Tombola
  • Castle Cashalot
  • Firework Blitz
  • Thors Thunder
  • Jungle Madness
  • Mafia Millions
  • Hollywood Boulevard

And on Bet365 Casino:

  • Monty Python’s Spamalot
  • Gold Rally
  • Gladiator
  • All the Games in the Marvel Progressive Series (Thor, X-Men, Ghost Rider, Blade, Avengers, IronMan 2, Fantastic Four)

All the games listed above tend to offer progressive jackpots of at least a few hundred thousand pounds, if not over half a million, with some jackpots occasionally getting to beyond the million pounds mark.

There is one slot, Mega Moolah, which has jackpots always in excess of $1m and we’ll learn a little about this special slot in section 3.

If progressive slots are not your thing, then don’t worry as you have a choice of several other progressive games to choose from.

Progressive Games

Bet365 Games and Casino both offer a good range of progressive jackpot games that are not linked to slot-based.

Many are TV tie-ins, though some are also linked with popular casino games. Outlined below is a list of some non-slot progressive games you can try on Bet365 Games and Casino:

  • Deal or No Deal Progressive
  • 10 Line Jacks or Better Poker
  • Cashdrop
  • Golden Sevens
  • Lucky 8
  • Pyramid

In each of these games, the player can risk a relatively small sum in the hope of landing a progressive jackpot considerably more than they would land in the base game.

Bet365 Games – Mega Moolah/Dark Knight progressive slot

Microgaming’s Mega Moolah progressive jackpot game (which includes The Dark Knight as one of its contributory games) is without doubt the most famous progressive jackpot slot game in the UK.

With a prize of at least a million dollars guaranteed, and a vast number of outlets offering access to the game, the jackpot can quickly grow from just over $1,000,000 to several million more.

With several machines all paying into one central jackpot fund, Mega Moolah is frequently the biggest jackpot on offer in the UK slot industry and it has broken several records over the years as fortunate people have spun the reels and ended up a winner.

You can place a single wager of just 25p in an attempt to win the Mega jackpot, but there are also four other jackpots, Major, Minor and Mini up for grabs, which cost considerably less per spin to try and win.

The huge popularity of Mega Moolah ensures that its jackpots are always increasing and the longer they go between wins, the more they can grow in side. The biggest ever winner was a British player called John Orchard who won £5.88m in December 2012.

The jackpot was last won on the 16th December 2013.

Play the Mega Moolah slot at Bet365 and for a stake of 25p you can give yourself a chance of winning a multi-million dollar jackpot!