Bet Victor Club

What you should do when you join Bet Victor Poker to get the most value for the least money.

In our previous article, we looked at how to sign up with BetVictor Poker and briefly, we mentioned that the site does offer new players an incentive to join up in the form of a 200% first deposit cash bonus (worth up to a possible $1,000). In fact, as a new player at BetVictor Poker, you are eligible for a host of new player rewards, promotions and bonuses as well as being immediately adopted onto the BetVictor VIP scheme.

In this article, we’ll examine all the many new player promotions and rewards that you will be eligible for when you sign up and play at BetVictor Poker.

1. $1,000, 200% First Time Deposit Bonus

As we already briefly touched on in the previous article, new players at BetVictor can earn up to 200% free cash when they make their initial deposit with the company, up to a maximum of $1,000.

The First Deposit Bonus is triggered when you make your first deposit into your account, so to claim the maximum $1,000 deposit, you’d need to deposit $500 into your account (or the equivalent in £).

However, your First Deposit Bonus is released in increments of $10 over the first 30 days of your account being in operation. Once you have earned 80 Action Points, you will receive $10 of your bonus.

For example, if you join BetVictor Poker and deposit $30, you would qualify for a $60 First Deposit Bonus. You would then need to earn 480 Poker Points over the next 30 days in order to claim back the full $60 reward.

Any unclaimed free cash after 30 days is automatically forfeit, so if you are planning to get your hands on the bonus, you will need to play and collect your Action Points on BetVictor Poker in order to accrue enough points to earn the money in the allotted timescale. Obviously, the higher the potential cash reward, the more you are going to have to play in order to release it.

2. New Player Freerolls and Money Added Turbo Tournaments

One of the very best bonuses for new players at BetVictor Poker is their New Player Freerolls and Money Added Tournaments that are only open for new players for the first six weeks of their membership.

Every Wednesday night at 19:30, CET there is a €500 Added New Player Freeroll tournament, which is followed by a €500 Added New Player Turbo tournament at 22:00 CET. Registration for each of these popular tournaments is open one week beforehand. It is a good idea to register early for these tournaments, as they are very popular with BetVictor Poker newer players.

New players are eligible to play in these tournaments for the first six weeks of their membership, meaning that they can enter a total of 6 freeroll and 6 turbo events worth €500 apiece and with a large number of prizes on offer for players.

The freeroll events in particular are very popular with new players and offer new users the chance to play in a large tournament, with decent rewards available if you reach the latter stages, completely free of charge.

3. Enrolment onto the BetVictor VIP Poker Scheme at Bronze VIP level

When you register with BetVictor as a new player then you automatically become a member of the BetVictor VIP Scheme. All new players immediately become Bronze VIP level members, which makes them eligible for all VIP Rewards at this level.

In addition, on every Tuesday and Friday all bronze level VIP players are eligible to enter the $100 VIP Levels Money Added Tournaments free of charge, with rebuys from as little as $1.

The VIP scheme works by the user collecting Action Points as they play on BetVictor Poker, which when collected into a stated amount, can be redeemed for a real cash credit, which is then added to your poker account. The more you play, the more action points you earn as part of the VIP scheme and you can then progress throughout the scheme, earning greater rewards as you do.

4. Other Actions to take

In addition to these three rewards for new players, BetVictor also offers new players the chance to play in other special tournaments. Any Bet Victor customer can join the BetVictor Club, which offers them a chance to participate in a free to play Poker League, which pays real cash prizes each month. In addition, members of the BetVictor club also have access to special freerolls and money added tournaments each month. As such, it is well worth new players joining the BetVictor Club when they join up (though you do have to pass a quiz in order to gain entry!).

Also, it is worth liking BetVictor Poker on social media sites such as Facebook (below) and Twitter, as increasingly companies are running special social media-only promotions for tournaments and posting passwords on these sites, allowing followers on them to gain access to exclusive tournaments, many of them freeroll events.

The four simple steps outlined above will help new players gain the most out of their new player status and ensure that they get off to a strong and hopefully, profitable start when playing on BetVictor Poker.