So They Keep Twigging Onto Your Bluffs…

avoid bluffing

Every single time you bluff, someone at the table twigs onto it. It’s like they have some crazy jedi mind trick powers. How do they know exactly what you’re thinking? We’re going to reveal why this keeps happening to you and why you should probably avoid bluffing.

Your opponents rarely fold

Are your opponents tight and observant? Or maybe they’re super aggressive and always up for a fight. Either way, bluffing against these types of players is probably a bad idea. That’s because these players are unlikely to fold to your bluff. And if you’re holding something that isn’t great to begin with, we’re going to bet they’ll call your bluff.

You bluff out of spite

We’ve all been here before. You’re tilting hard and you want to get back your fellow players for a particularly stinging bad beat. You’re annoyed, you’re worked up and it just SUCKS. But listen, that’s the worst time to bluff. Take it from people who’ve learnt the hard way. Your opponents are going to spot this a mile off and exploit any vulnerability you’re displaying. 

Too many tables on the go

Now this is a problem for online players more than anything. If you’re multi-tabling, it’s going to be hard to keep up with the nuances of every table. Avoid bluffing unless you really, honestly can say it’s a good time from all angles to do it. Don’t just do it for the hell of it. Wait until you know everything is in place before you take the plunge.

Throwing strategy out the window at low stakes tables

If people are playing for play chips or for low stakes, they’re often a bit loser with the bluffs too. But this is a key time you can create bad habits. Stay disciplined while you play, however much it’s for. And always keep an eye on your gambling budget, because even small stakes can add up!

Ignoring position

Did you know that when you act has a massive effect on how successful a bluff can be? If you’re in late position, you’ve got eyes on how everyone else is acting first. That means you can make the most informed decision about when it’s a good time to bluff (or not).

Bluffing too much in the same position

Having said that, if you bluff every single time you’re in late position, people will start to catch on pretty quickly. Creating any sort of pattern around when you bluff can make it super obvious and easy to spot. So our advice is to mix it up as much as you possibly can. And, really, don’t bluff all too often if you can help it.

Not practicing enough

The best way to figure out how to bluff really well (and to know when you should avoid bluffing) is by practicing as much as you can. And a really way to practice is by playing online. One of our top spots for a little poker practice online is bet365. And if you sign up using this bet365 bonus code, you’re going to be particularly happy you called by.

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