late position tactics

Everyone freaking loves being in the late positions at a poker table. It gives you a strategic advantage over the other plays, in short making it easier to dominate and win. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t employ some late position tactics.

Read our FAQs and you’ll know how to make the most of your advantages, without overplaying your position.

Frequently Asked Questions: Late position tactics


What is late position in poker?

Late position is where you’re seated close to the dealer button. This means you act after most other players. It includes the button, cutoff and hijack seats. In other words, the last, second last and third last players to act at the table.

Why is it so good to be in late position?

In short, you get more information than the other players. You see how everyone else is acting and playing. This makes it easier to make decisions, control the size of the pot and exploit weak players.

What starting hand ranges should I play in late position?

You can afford to be a little more lax with starting hands when you’re playing late. So think about playing more speculative hands, along with the really strong ones. Suited connectors, weak pairs and suited aces are all worth playing here.

Should I always raise when I’m in late position?

If you’re thinking about playing a hand, good late position tactics usually dictate that you should raise in these seats. It can help you gain control and extract value. Having said that, adjust your strategy based on the table dynamics.

What should I do if someone else raises before me?

If there’s already a raise at the table before the action gets to you, evaluate the strength of your hand and what your opponent tends to do. As a simple rule of thumb, re-raise if you’ve got a strong hand, but just fold weaker ones.

How can I take advantage of being on the button?

Being on the button is the best place to be in poker. Seize opportunities to steal blinds, apply pressure and exploit weaknesses.

How do I play differently if I’m in the cutoff or hijack?

Effectively, the further away from the button you are, the more cautious you should be. Having said that, not too cautious. If the table is tight, definitely try to assert your dominance.

What else should I keep in mind when I’m in late position?

Take a note of the table dynamics, stack sizes, player tendencies and the strength of your hand. And, if necessary, switch up your late position tactics to suit.

Should I bluff more when I’m in late position?

Late position is the perfect place for a bluff. Having said that, it’s so important not to overdo it. If you bluff every time you’re in late, the other players will cop on pretty fast and call you on it. So bluff selectively and target weaker opponents.

What are the risks of being in late position?

The main risk is that you become predictable. Mix up your actions, balancing aggressive plays with conservative ones. That keeps your opponents guessing.

And remember that you shouldn’t be playing too many hands in late position. If you do that, observant opponents in earlier positions might set traps for you…

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