As well know, sport has been at a bit of a premium over the past couple of months or so, but as things bet 365 eSports Bettingslowly start to get back to normal in the sporting world, it has seen punters at sites like bet365 Sport looking for some of the less common places to enjoy a bet.

That is no bad thing however as there are a number of these less well-trodden betting markets available to customers and which can offer them not just a chance of a bet, but perhaps even a chance to land a win if they are lucky or astute enough to back the winner!

If you want to sign up to enjoy the betting on offer, then the current bet365 Sport New Customer Promotion is a great value deal that will have you signed up and betting in no time, with the chance to earn a little extra through the bonus. Not only that, but you can access a wide range of live streaming services for free (if you have placed a bet in the preceding 24 hours, or have a credit balance in your account) as well as enjoying In Play betting on a number of top events every day.

What each site will offer in terms of less well-known markets may differ, but you can usually find something interesting to bet on away from the more popular bets. At bet365 Sport, there are a number of intriguing options available to you right now.

Let’s now take a look at some of the more unusual bet365 Sport betting markets.


In the Specials section at bet365, you can find a number of different betting markets available, all sorted geographically based on the part of the world you are interested in. That includes the UK, United States, Australia, New Zealand and plenty of other countries from around the world.

A quick peek inside the UK option shows you the options available which includes a number of bets you can make on the next General Election, who will be the Next Prime Minister of the Next Permanent Party Leader, as well as who will be crowned the winner of Britain’s Got Talent in 2020.

Of course, the types of markets available in this section of the site will change over time to reflect events in each society. For example, near the end of the year, betting is usually available on who will win the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award. Most markets tend to be politics or entertainment based on these markets and they offer a nice change of pace to sports betting.


There are a large number of lotteries around the world that take place each day and at bet365 Sport, you can bet on a large number of these. Not only that, but there are a number of bets that you can make on each.

The lotteries you can bet on will change from day to day depending on when the lottery is going to be drawn. Some lotteries that are weekly draws may be available for longer periods on site. Others that are daily or twice weekly, will see their odds changing more frequently.

Lotteries available on the site include the Irish and Irish Daily Million lotteries, the Spanish Lottery, the German Lottery, the New York Lottery and the French Lottery.

Bets available to make on these lotteries include betting on which balls will be drawn in the lottery (you can select the number of balls to make in this bet, the more you pick, the higher the odds of your bet). Other bets include betting on the first number drawn, the bonus ball, the total value of the balls drawn and also a number of odd/even bets.

If you are a keen lottery player, especially those based in other countries, then this form of betting will certainly appeal to you.

Virtual Sports

Real sports may well have been curtailed of late, but the Virtual world has continued at a pace and you can enjoy a fantastic selection of Virtual Sports offerings at bet365 Sport right now. There are a large number of sports to pick from, including;

  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Motor Racing
  • Speedway
  • Trotting
  • Cycling
  • Darts

Furthermore, in some of the more popular Virtual Sports, such as horse racing, greyhounds and soccer, you can select from a selection of different types of game, such as five different types of horse race, three different types of football competitions and so forth.

Each Virtual Sport event takes between just one minute and five minutes to complete from start to finish and generally includes a time for betting and then the highlights of the event shown on screen to generate the result.

New additions to this section at bet365 include a Virtual Grand National and Virtual American Football and Basketball.


If you haven’t heard of enjoyed esports betting as yet, then you are likely to hear a lot more about it in the future as, along with Virtual Sports, it is one of the fastest growing markets in the sports betting industry.

Esprots betting at bet365 Sport allows punters to enjoy a range of bets on top tournaments being contested in some of the top esports computer gaming titles in the world today. This includes games such as League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, StarCraft II, Overwatch, Call of Duty, FIFA, Madden, NBA2K, Fortnite and many more.

Over the past few years, bet365 Sport have really developed their esports betting into a much wider set of markets including betting on more esports, with more tournaments in esports covered offering a wider choice of betting across the entire genre.

Often bet365 will also stream events live on their Live Streaming service, so you can tune in to watch how your chosen bet comes out and with some massive esports events coming up, including the DreamHack Masters Spring event taking place at the moment, this is a fantastic choice for any punter seeking to expand their betting horizons.

With more sport returning, punters are slowly getting more choice as the weeks pass, but even so, these less well known markets at bet365 Sport are well worth a closer look if you fancy a bet or two in the meantime.