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Want to know the secret to uncover online bluffs? We’ve got a fair tips and tricks up our sleeve to turn you into a pro when it comes to telling if someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

When you’re playing online, you might think it’s impossible to uncover bluffs. After all, you can’t see any of the physical ticks they’re always emphasizing in the movies. Having said that, it’s easier than you might think.

Take a look at the community cards

Playing poker is as much about playing your own hand as it is about guessing what your opponents have. So when you look down at the community cards, you can figure out what kind of hand your fellow players might be able to make.

A lot of the time, people try to bluff and steal the pot when there’s no obvious route to a killer hand. So watch out if someone suddenly makes a big bet on a rainbow board of unconnected cards.

How much are they betting?

Another classic move of novice bluffers is to make outsized bets in order to scare people off. So if someone who usually bets 1/2 of the pot suddenly goes for a pot bed, it’s time to start wondering if you can uncover that particular online bet. They might be trying to scare people in from calling.

But on the other hand, if you’ve got someone who usually goes in big with strong hands but is suddenly a little timid, you’ve got to ask yourself if they’re really holding anything at all.

Some players also put in a minimum bet as a soft bluff. It’s testing the waters. Experienced players don’t often do this, so if you’ve got a newbie at the table who is doing that, you don’t have to pay all that much to see if that move was indeed a bluff. And it’ll teach everyone a lesson if you uncover that online bluff.

Speed bets

Sometimes when a player is bluffing, they tend to decide exactly what they’re going to do before the community cards are even dealt. So if you’re playing online and someone is betting hard and fast, not taking any time to think, it could be a sign this is a premeditated bluff. Of course, it can also be a sign that they’re taking a break and instead of pressing auto fold have pressed auto bet big!

Loose, aggressive player on your hands?

By their very nature, loose and aggressive players tend to bluff a whole lot more than their tighter, more passive counterparts. They play more hands and they tend to play them harder. Therefore, they tend to bluff quite a lot of the time too. But be warned, they don’t back off easily if they’re aggressive.

Where are they sitting?

Players who are on the button or sitting in other late position seats tend to bluff more frequently than those in earlier positions. They’ve also got positional advantage, as they are the players with the most knowledge of the hand before they act. So it can be intimidating coming up against them, but if your gut is telling you their lying, it could be worth pursuing…

Uncover online bluffs today

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