Although you may think of online casinos as being a place where you can enjoy some traditional casino games, such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat as well as a bewildering array of fantastic slot games and video poker, there is another type of game that has its roots in the real world that are growing in popularity at casinos around the globe; Instant Win games.

In the real world, we are aware of these games when we go to purchase lottery tickets and in addition, you can buy scratchcards, where you scratch of panels with a coin to try and win prizes. The prizes range from earning your money back, up to prizes worth millions and of course, there are many different scratchcards to suit all pockets.

Well online casinos have taken these simple games and developed their own versions for the digital age, and they have become something of a hit with players. In this article, we explore a little more about these games, how they work and how they differ from the Instant Win games you can play in the high street.

If you are interested in Instant Win games in particular and would like to try them for yourself then you need a reputable casino to sign up with, preferably with a decent new player offer for players. The current bet365 Games New Player Bonus is right up there with the best that you can find online today and with such a good range of Instant Win games to play, alongside a healthy choice of slots and other casino games, you will never be short of options when it comes to having a wager on site.


What are the types of Instant Win games at bet365 Games?

If you enjoy Instant Win games then the good news is that there are a number of different options you can play at bet365 Games.  We are going to look at some of the options below and some of the games available on the site that are good examples of each type.

  • Pull-Tab Games

Pull-Tab instant win games are very similar to slot games and if you are a love of slot games, then this particular Instant Win game would likely appeal to you.

These games typically have a stated number of lines available on them and on these lines are a number of different symbols, very similar to the reels on the slot. Like a slot game, the aim is to land three of the same symbols on the reels to claim a cash prize. The different symbols on the lines each offer a different size prize.

Some of the more involved pull-tab games also have a number of other symbols on the reels including Wild symbols, which can be used as any other symbol on the reels, and a Scatter symbol, which if you can land three, or sometimes two, across a line, then you will win a prize, often coming in the form of free games.

Rather than pull a tab to reveal a line, you can click a button next to the line to reveal it, or there is one button at the bottom of the card that allows you to reveal all the lines at once to see if one, or more, are a winner.

These games have been specifically designed to appeal to slot gamers and some of the best examples of this genre of game at bet365 Games are based on slot games that you can also play on the site. This includes the likes of:

  • Super Graphics Upside Down
  • Spin Dizzy
  • 6 Appeal
  • Fireworks
  • Win Sprint
  • Money Matrix
  • Snapshot
  • 8th Wonder
  • Triple Kings and many more.

Pull-tab games are very popular at bet365 Games and customers do have a wide range of games to pick from, as well as access to other similar games on bet365 Games’ sister sites bet365 Vegas and bet365 Casino.

  • Number Matching Games

In these games, players pay a stated amount to purchase their game and on that game they will have a selection of numbers that are the Lucky or Player Numbers. In addition to this, there will be a selection of other numbers. The aim is to match as many of the other numbers on the card to your Player or Lucky numbers and each number that you match can see you win a prize.

In some games, prizes may be awarded for the number of numbers matched. In other games, each number matched may award you a stated prize, which can range from a small amount, up to many thousands of pounds.

A great example of a number matching Instant Win game is the popular Cleopatra Instant Win game, which is based on the slot game of the same name and which offers you a chance to win up to 10,000 times your stake if you hit the top prize.

In this game you have 5 Lucky Numbers, which you have to try and match with 15 player numbers that are revealed once you play the card. Each number matched offers you a cash prize that is stated on the number.

  • Scratchcard Matching Games

These games are the ones that are most like the original scratchcard games that you find in modern shops. These games can take many forms and be based on many different subjects, but the essence of the game is still pretty much the same.

In the game you reveal a number of panels with the aim of trying to match amounts of money, or specific items to earn a prize. With cash amounts, if you can match a set number of a stated amount, you will win that amount of money. If you need to match other items, such as football shirts, then you will win the amount of money stated for the type of object you match.

You can play a good number of these games at bet365 Games including:

  • Super Gems
  • Lucky Falls
  • Supreme Football
  • Happy Hatching
  • Jungle Tumble
  • Super Cash Buster
  • Tripoll
  • Paws of Fury
  • Colour Cubes

The Hidden Benefit of Online Instant Win Games over Shop-Bought Games

The final thing to note with online versions of Instant Win games compared to games you purchase in a shop is that in a shop, the price of a scratchcard is fixed at a set amount. You cannot play a scratchcard priced at £5.00, for any less, or any more.

However, Instant Win games online allow players to vary the size of their game price, which can range from a very small amount, say £0.10 or £0.20 or it can be increased up to £10.00, all on the same game. All that happens when players change their ticket price is that all the prizes on offer on that ticket either increase or decrease in proportion accordingly.

So for example, if you play a game for £1.00 per game, and the top prize is 5,000x your stake, then you could win £5,000. Play the same game online for £10,000 per game and that top prize is now £50,000.

Instant Win gaming is a flexible, fun and easy way to enjoy wagering online and it is little wonder that these types of games are a smash hit success at bet365 Games.

If you are based in the United States and in particular Pennsylvania, then although bet365 Games isn’t available in your location as yet, you can still enjoy a selection of top quality casino games, poker and sports betting opportunities at a number of new online casinos that have gone live over the last few months following the changes in legislation in the state. Check out the latest playsugarhouse promo code deals in the link for further details on how to sign up and enjoy casino gaming from within Pennsylvania.