Chasing Hot Slots Is A Fool’s Errand And Here’s Why…

hot slots myth

Do you believe the hot slots myth?

Sometimes it’s easy to believe what you want to when it comes to online casinos. But are so-called hot machines any different from others ones? Whether you’re playing in a fancy casino or you’re spinning the reels online, let’s get to the bottom of this. Are hot slots really true? Or are they a fantasy?

What are hot slots?

Firstly, let’s figure out what hot slots are. There is this idea that certain slot machines are more likely to pay out big wins than others. These machines draw players in like a moth to a flame. But should they?

In reality, hot slots are nothing more than a gambling urban legend. The idea that a machine can become hot and cold is a misunderstanding of how slots games work.

Powered by RNGs

There once was a time when slots were mechanical. Take a look into the history of slots to find out more about the one-armed bandits’ past. But nowadays, almost all slots are powered by Random Number Generators (RNGs). That’s true for all online casino slots and the vast majority of slots machines you’ll find in casinos.

These are algorithms that ensure every spin’s outcome is entirely random and independent of past or future spins. In short, spinning the reels on a slot is just like tossing a coin. The outcome is purely chance-based and is unaffected by previous results.

Just because a slot paid out a big jackpot recently, doesn’t mean it’ll do it again any time soon. The hot streak is an illusion. It’s fuelled by selective memory and the human brain’s inclination to spot patterns where none exist.

Similarly, a lot of people say that if a game hasn’t paid out in a while, it’s due a big payout. And again, that’s just not based on fact. Anything you do isn’t likely to influence when that next payout happens.

Drilling down on RTP

Every slot game you play will have a return to player (RTP) percentage. They typically range from between 90% to 98%, depending on the game and the provider. This means that for every $100 you put in to a typical slot, the game is set up so that you lose between $10 and $2 on average. After all, casinos are multi-billion-dollar businesses designed to make money, so they’ve got to ensure their long term profitability.

That means no one machine is destined to pay out the big bucks to players more often. It’s just plain luck if there are a few payouts in a row or not.

We’re all here to have fun

Once you approach slot machines with a rational mindset, you can in fact have more fun during your sessions. Whether you choose a fun theme or a progressive jackpot slot (or both!), slots are designed to entertain. So forget about strategies based on chasing hot slots. Not only are they based in fiction, they can lead to you losing more cash and encouraging irresponsible gambling habits.

Instead, focus on smarter play. Work out a gambling budget, figure out how long you want to spend on your sessions and choose an online casino that you know you can trust. One of our favorite reliable casinos is bet365. They are up front about their RTPs, have plenty of checks in place to ensure fairness and just have a great selection of games and promotions. Plus you can sign up using this bet365 bonus code for an even better welcome deal.

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