Poker players superstitious image of four leaf clover and a horse shoe

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Have you ever wondered if poker players are superstitious? If you have, you’re in for a treat.

We’re going to explore exactly what superstition means in the world of poker. And if it impacts the game or not.

First and foremost, it’s important to acknowledge that superstitions exist in all walks of life, not just poker. Superstitions are beliefs or actions people perform to bring luck or, as the case may be, avoid bad luck. And the world of poker is no different. It has its fair share of superstitions.

Carry your luck with you

Some poker players believe what you bring to the table is just as important as how you play. Maybe players pocket a lucky charm when they’re playing. For example, special coins or chips, a photo of a loved one or even something a little gory like a rabbit’s foot. Whatever it is, if a player has a luck charm, it can give them a sense of comfort and confidence.

Dress for success

It’s important to be comfortable at the poker table, we get that. But some players go a step further. They believe that certain items of clothing can bring them success. For example, a particular shirt or cap can be the secret to winning more hands at the table. Or so they think. So as soon as a player sits down and they look more confident than usual, scan their outfit for a telltale lucky item of clothing.

Little rituals

It’s common for some players to perform little rituals as they play. For example, tapping the table three times before they look at their hole cards or shuffling their chips in a particular way. Even though everyone knows skill and strategy come into play at the poker table, superstitious players think luck can be swayed with these simple rituals.

The hot (or cold) seat

Go to a local casino and you just might see players fight for a particular seat. Or be wary about sitting on another. This is because some poker players fiercely believe in hot and cold seats. That is to say, some seats carry bad luck and some are inherently luckier.

Cursed runs

If you’ve got a run of wins or a run of bad beats, it’s often considered bad luck to talk about it. Of course, it’s also bad poker etiquette and not great strategy. But some people swear discussing cards just begs lady luck to pile up the bad luck.

Online poker superstitions

And you certainly don’t get away from superstitions when you get to online play. Some players really think that a specific computer or internet connection can give you better luck. Others might have rigid routines before playing online such as wearing lucky pajamas or listening to a particular song.

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