Parlay Facts

Are you up to speed on parlays? If not, it’s time you learned a thing or two about them. Our 9 parlay facts will get you up to speed fast. Then you can use your new found knowledge to explore the world of parlay betting for yourself.

1. Parlays are kind of like several bets rolled into one

Does that sound confusing? Well if you think of it, it’s pretty simple really. The most basic parlay fact is that they are one single bet with multiple selections. So you’re basically betting on multiple different things to happen for your bet to come through.

2. You’re only four decisions away from a parlay

If you want to get technical about it, you should know that a parlay is made of up of a minimum of four selections. But the fun doesn’t stop at four, oh no. Depending on what site you bet on, you can make way more selections than that. A decent sportsbook will allow you to make up to 20 selections on a single parlay.

3. Same game betting doesn’t count

A lot of sportsbooks allow you to make multiple selections in a bet on one game. You could be forgiven for thinking this is a parlay, but in fact, that’s actually called a multiple. Parlays have got to be on several different events.

4. Parlays are a bit risky…

The odds of several things all happening are obviously going to be a lot lower than just one of those things happening. And that makes the likelihood of getting paid out via a parlay vs a regular bet more remote. That can make a parlay a little more thrilling. It extends that nail-biting feeling. And, of course, that’s not the only reason people do parlays.

5. Juicy paydays when parlays pay out

One of the best parlay facts is that they often have higher pay outs than a regular bet. So although they’re less likely to come off, when they do, the rewards are SWEET.

6. Bet each-way to minimize risks

In certain sportsbooks and for certain sports, you’ve got the option to lower your risk a little by betting on two separate outcomes. That’s called an each-way parlay. The upside to this is that your parameters for winning aren’t so rigid. The downside is that you’ve got to double your stake, because you’re betting two ways. Depending on the circumstances of your parlay, it can be well worth doing this.

7. Parlay is the same thing as an accumulator

In the United States, if you talk about parlays, most sports fans will know what you mean. But if you cross the pond and head to the United Kingdom or Ireland, punters there will give you a second glance. That’s because over there, parlays are known as accumulators, or sometimes Accas. That’s handy to know if you’re planning on doing a bit of travelling or betting on a site that’s based elsewhere.

8. A fold is what a betting selection is called in a parlay

When you’re getting your head around parlays, it’s useful to know the lingo. So you should know that each betting selection you make in a parlay is known as a fold. And that’s also the term used to describe the kind of parlay it is. So, for example, if you’ve made five selections, you have a five folds parlay on your hands.

9. It’s easy to find parlay betting online

And as we come to the end of our parlay facts, you should know that parlays are pretty much part of the furniture at every good sportsbook. So if you’re interested in betting online, there are a lot of different places that you can place your parlay bets. Interested in a recommendation? Well, if you use this bet365 bonus code you can get a great welcome offer as well as fantastic parlay options. Great odds, special offers, the whole thing. Trust us, you’ll love it.