Haunted casinos image of a shadowy figure looming over the silhouette of a person

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Are you a thrill seeker? Sure, casinos can be exciting. The rush of a win, the despair of a loss. However, some casinos offer more than just financial highs and lows. They promise encounters with the supernatural too. Here’s a round up of some of the most haunted casinos out there and the hair-raising experiences you might have if you dare to play there…

Tropicana, Las Vegas

As you might expect, the Tropicana has somewhat tropical decor. But one of the wall hangings seemed to be more sinister than the others… An antique tiki mask hung at the entrance to the resort for many years. However, people have claimed that they have sprouted a severe purple rash whenever they came into direct contact with it. There have been other claims that a purple gas periodically escapes from the mask, blurring any photos taken of the mask. Eventually, Tropicana management took the decision to take down the mask. But as opposed to quelling chats about the supernatural powers of the decoration, it spurred on more chat from tourists and paranormal enthusiasts.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Come to the glamorous resort of Casino de Monte-Carlo and you just might run into the Red Lady. This beautiful woman in her 40s is wearing a long, scarlet red dress. But she is in fact a ghost from the spirit world. Apparently, she pouts at men and likes to steal the Queen of Hearts from the decks and even straight from the hands of players. So if you’re in Monte Carlo and you believe in ghosts, perhaps you’ll have slightly lower chancing of nabbing pocket queens…

In the nearby Hotel de Paris, there’s also a ghost attributed to the Casino de Monte Carlo. Apparently Crazy Heloise is an old woman who won so much money in the Casino de Monte Carlo that she ended up going mad. If you stay in the Hotel de Paris, you just might hear her counting her money and laughing maniacally.


A horrific and tragic fire in 1980 claimed the lives of many in what was then called the MGM Grand. Now operating as Bally’s, there have been reports of ghostly happenings in the hotel and casino every since. For example, there have been reports of disembodied feet floating before people in their rooms. Figures appearing and disappearing in an instant in the hallways right in front of guests. And shadowy people laying on beds. And even if you’re just visiting the casino, you might see something supernatural. Many have reported transparent figures roaming through the game rooms too.

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