Haunted sports stadiums picture of a ghostly horse with a full moon

Image by Petra from Pixabay

Do you believe in ghosts? Well it seems that some sports stadiums are not just venues for thrilling games, but also hotspots for spine-tingling paranormal encounters. From eerie apparitions to mysterious sounds, these haunted sports stadiums are a source of fascination for sports enthusiasts and ghost hunters alike.

Babe Ruth’s ghost

At Fenway Stadium, it seems like Babe Ruth might be still clinging on… Night workers claim to have heard chilling and mysterious sounds late at night. Late night batting practices and muffled cheers chanting his name are just some of the unexplained sounds that have been reported.

Grimm tales in Wrigley

If you’re a Cubs fan, you might already know the name of Charlie Grimm. He was first a baseman for the team, and then became manager in 1932. He had a glittering career as both a player and a manager, and some say he still might be trying to put his stamp on the team… In fact, he never really left the stadium at all. His remains are reportedly in a box in left-center field.

During the graveyard shift, security guards have heard bullpen phones ring at random. People think this might be Grimm trying to make pitch changes from the spirit world. As well as that, they’ve even spotted his ghost walking the halls and whispering their names. 

Supernatural soccer

Highbury Stadium in the United Kingdom is famous for being the former home of Arsenal Football Club. In the early years of the club, there was one manager who was more successful than any other. And that was Herbert Chapman. Reliving his success in the afterlife, his ghost has been spotted on the grounds accompanied by a horse. Why a horse? Well famously one died during the construction of the stadium.

Diehard Arsenal fans have also chosen to have their ashes spread on the grounds. So there are countless other spirits that might be cheering on the team from the spirit world…

Horse racing horror stories

A famously cut-throat sport, horse racing is known for dramatic accidents and major grudges. And in Churchill Downs, this has taken a particularly eerie twist…

This Kentucky race track has seen its fair share of hauntings. On early mornings, riders report seeing a nondescript trainer emerging from thick fog. There are also reports of hearing people in the building well after all the living souls have left for the day. And when the museum on the track opened in the 1980s, it was commonplace to see jockey-related items strewn on the floor in the middle of the night.

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