First-Timers Take Note Of These Casino Etiquette Musts

casino etiquette

Hey there, new to the casino scene? No worries! Everyone has to have their first time some time. We’ve got your back with some essential casino etiquette tips. Keep these in mind and you’re fit right in at any casino.

Know the age requirements

First things first, make sure you’re of legal age before you stroll on in there. This varies by location, but it’s usually between 18 and 21. And make sure you’ve got some proof on you. No ID, no entry.

Dress to impress (or not)

Dress codes vary. Some casinos are fancy, others are casual. A safe bet? Go for smart casual. You can’t really go wrong. Just remember to ditch the sneakers for the day, just in case.

Learn the games before you play

It’s not just about luck, you know. Understand the basics of the games you want to play. No one appreciates someone fumbling at the table when they’re trying to place their bets. Want a heads up on some of the usual suspects? Here are some of our beginner guides:

As well as swatting up with guides, you should also consider playing some online sessions as practice. One of our top places to play at the moment is bet365. Plus with this bet365 bonus code, you can get one hell of a welcome offer…

Buy chips properly

Use cash to buy chips at the table or at the cashier. Find out which is the done thing before you start throwing money around. Speaking of, hand your dosh to the dealer, never ever throw it. Then they’ll exchange the cash for chips. Easy as pie.

Respect the dealer

The dealer is your guide on your first casino journey. And every one after that. Treat them well. They’re there to help, not cheat you. A smile goes a long way in casino etiquette.

Tip your dealer

Speaking of your dealer, it’s always polite to tip when you win. It’s not mandatory, but it’s a nice gesture. Even a small tip is appreciated.

Know table manners

Wait for your turn to bet. Don’t throw your chips, place them neatly. And always keep your hands off the table when you’re not betting.

Keep your phone in your pocket

Casinos aren’t selfie zones. There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than seeing someone live stream their casino experience. Never take photos at the tables and keep your phone usage to a minimum. Wordle can wait! Not only is it good casino etiquette, it also keeps the game moving.

Don’t drink too much

Think casinos and drinks go hand in hand? Think again. One or two drinks while you play is no big deal. But getting drunk is not a good look. Stay sharp, play smart and keep it classy.

Understand slot machine etiquette

Slots are a solo game, sure. But that doesn’t mean that casino etiquette goes out the window here. Remember, only play one machine at a time when it’s busy. And if you need a break, use the reserve function until you can get back.


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