If you are a keen follower of the monthly promotions and offers that you will find on Bet365 Poker, then you will already be well aware and perhaps already taken part in the existing Autumn bet365-mtt-missions-1Missions promotion, that runs through until the end of November.

The promotion is open to any customer at Bet365 Poker and if you are not yet a member, you can join today quickly and easily by clicking on the following link which details the latest Bet365 Poker bonus code to ensure you get the best available new player bonus.

That may well be a wise move as in addition to the Autumn Missions currently running on the site that we have looked at in an earlier article, Bet365 is also running an additional missions based promotion every week from the 6th November through until the 1st January 2017.

This is Bet365 Poker’s €3,000 MTT Missions promotion and it offers Bet365 customers the chance to complete missions and earn a shot at a guaranteed weekly prize pool of €3,000, which will be divided up between two weekly freeroll events taking place on a Sunday evening each week.

Let’s explain the promotion in a bit more detail to insure you know how you can try to win your share of each weekly prize pool.

How the €3,000 MTT Missions promotion works

Most of the missions promotions on Bet365 Poker tend to offer a choice of missions every day of the week and an additional choice of weekly missions for players to play through. In addition, these missions may also change from week to week, meaning it can occasionally be a bit confusing as to what mission you need to complete when.

However, there’s no chance of having any issues with the new MTT Missions promotion as this is a much simpler system to follow. There are just two missions to select from each week and these missions remain exactly the same throughout each of the promotional weeks all the way through to January.

You can complete each of the missions up to a maximum of four times each during a qualifying week and each time you complete a mission, you will earn a ticket into the relevant MTT Missions freeroll event, both of which take place on Sunday evening. You can therefore earn a maximum of four entries into each freeroll event taking place every Sunday night through until January 1st.

The two weekly missions freeroll events held each Sunday start fifteen minutes apart and are scheduled as follows:

  • 18.00 GMT each Sunday – a €500 MTT Mini Mission freeroll
  • 18.15 GMT each Sunday – a €2,500 High Mission freeroll

The players that finish in the paying places in each of the event will earn their share of the prize pool on offer. The cash prizes on offer and the number of them available, will depend on the number of players competing in each of the tournaments and will be scaled accordingly.

What missions do I need to complete to earn a freeroll ticket into these events?

We have already stated earlier in the article that there are a total of two missions each week and that these missions do not change throughout the duration of the promotion. You can bet365-2complete each mission a total of four times during a qualifying week (which runs from Monday through to Sunday), so you can earn a total of eight tournament tokens, giving you four entries into each freeroll.

The missions you can play through each week are:

  • Mission 1 – Play in 3 scheduled tournaments on Bet365 Poker with a buy in of €10 or less. Each time you complete this you will receive one €500 MTT Mini Mission token.
  • Mission 2 – Play in 3 scheduled tournaments on Bet365 Poker that have a buy in of over €10. Each time you complete this you will receive one €2,500 MTT High Mission token.

Every tournament token you receive as part of the promotion has a shelf life of a maximum of 14-days, so you must use the token before then by registering for the relevant freeroll beforehand.  If you do not use a token within the 14-day period after receiving it then the token will expire and you won’t be able to use it in any freerolls going forward.

Each qualifying week starts at 18:00 on Sunday night, starting at the same time as the commencement of the €500 Mini Mission freeroll event, and the week concludes at 17:59 on the following Sunday, ensuring you have a full week to earn all your tokens.

Dates and times for your diary

If you are looking forward to taking part in these freeroll events on a Sunday night then you won’t want to miss them. The full list if times and dates for each of the freeroll tournaments part of this promotion are outlined below:

  • The €500 MTT Mini Mission freerolls – 13th, 20th, 27th November, 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th December and the 1st January all starting at 18:00 GMT (all dates are a Sunday evening)
  • The €2,500 MTT High Mission freerolls – 13th, 20th, 27th November, 4th, 11thm 18th and 25th December and the 1st January all starting at 18:15 GMT (all dates are a Sunday evening)

Multiple tournament entry; how does it work?bet365-multi-table-tournaments

If you are a relative beginner to poker at Bet365, or you simply have not tried multiple entries into a single tournament, then this is relatively easy to accomplish using the ‘multi-tabling’ features
of the new Bet365 Poker client software.

What this means is that if you have multiple entries into a single event, or if you are competing in multiple events at the same time, the new software has the capability to display all the tables you are playing at, enabling you to play in several events, or in a single event multiple times, all at once.

Handy features include a table flashing when you are required to make a decision, such as deciding whether to place a bet or fold, which makes it easy to ensure your attention is spread across all the tables you are playing at.

However, playing at multiple tables does require increased concentration and an ability to think fast on your feet. The more tables you are playing at, at the same time, then the greater your decision making skills under pressure need to be. However, with these events being freeroll events, there’s no better way to practice these skills than by trialling them through this promotion.

So why not have a try and see if you can complete these missions in addition to the Autumn Missions already running on Bet365 Poker for a chance at winning some bonus cash in the run up to Christmas and New Year.