What is Bet365 Games New Instant Football Game?

In amongst a wide selection of new slot releases, bet365 Games has also seen a rather interesting new addition to its Virtual Sports offering. While Virtual Soccer has been available on the bet365 Sport site for a considerable time now, there is now a new offering called Instant Football, which offers another take on association football.

So, what does this new version of the game offer that the other Virtual Football offering on the bet365 Sport site doesn’t? Or is it simply the same virtual sports offering just rehashed with some new teams in play? We decided that it would be a good idea to find out.

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But for now, let’s take a closer look at the new Instant Football game and find out how similar or different it is to the other Virtual Football offering on the site.

What is Instant Football?

Instant Football is the latest Virtual Football game on offer on the bet365 Games site. It has many similarities between itself and the older Virtual Football offering on bet365 Sport, but there are a number of key differences between the two, which we will look at in more detail later in the review.

  • Key similarities between the games

In terms of the similarities, there are many and they begin with the fact that the game offers a number of different betting markets. Including the option to bet on whether the home or away team wins the game, or if the match finishes in a draw.

Alongside those standard match winner bets, there are also a number of other betting options you can access from the main screen. These include Double Chance bets (where you cover two out of the three possible results of the game), Under/Over Total Goals markets, the Full Time Exact Score market, the Half Time Result market, Asian Handicap betting and the total goals scored in the match.

Furthermore, how you place your bet by clicking on the odds to add it to your bet slip, entering your stake and then clicking the button to place the bet is also exactly the same as Virtual Football.

Other similarities include the matches being played are selected at random from a database of European-based teams, which are based loosely on current top teams from around Europe, although real names are not used (Fiorentina in Italy, for example, are called Florence, Paris St Germain from France are called Paris etc).

However, other than these similarities outlined above, there are rather a lot more differences between the two products and it is in these differences that we discover the why Instant Football is called Instant Football, rather than perhaps Virtual Football 2.

  • Key differences between the games

The first big difference you can see between the two games is that in Instant Football, you actually have some data available to you about the teams to help inform your bet. In the thin bar at the top of the screen that shows the next match, you can see listed data about the team. This includes their relative strength (the higher, the more stronger the team is), the results of the last six games that the team has played (including the scores of those games) as well as the number of average goals that the team has scored and conceded over those games.

In the middle of the bar you can see the two teams that will contest the next game and inside that are the results of the last three meetings of the teams in the game.

This is a significant addition to what was on offer in Virtual Football where no data was available on each team and it means players can actually try to figure out what the most likely bets will be on these games.

Another change is the Bet Amount option on the left of the screen, which allows you to easily select the standard unit for your bets in the game. To the right of the screen two players perform a variety of ball juggling skills as a nice little adornment to the game.

However, the major difference between Instant Football and Virtual Football comes in terms of timing. In Virtual Football, each game takes around 3-5 minutes to complete. As a player, you cannot alter how quickly the games are played. Each Virtual Football game takes 3 minutes to complete.

However, in Instant Soccer, it is you that controls the tempo of the games. Once you have placed your bet on the game, you can then click to start the game immediately.

If you elect to watch the game highlights in full, you will notice another big difference between this and bet365 Sport’s Virtual Football game and that is the quality of the highlights has improved, with a greater range of incidents and new commentary too. The graphics are also improved, and the animations have done likewise.

However, now you do not need to watch the game if you do not want to. You can click on the button GO TO OUTCOME that appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This takes you to the immediate result of the game without having to sit through the highlights.

The upshot of this is that you can play through games of Instant Soccer incredibly quickly, literally as quickly as you can click a button.

This changes the number of potential bets you can make hugely. In the bet365 Sport version of Virtual Football, you can place your bets once every three minutes, here in the same time span you could place a far greater number of bets, depending on how much of the highlights of each game you wanted to watch or not.

  • Change Teams Option

One other big addition to Instant Soccer is the ability to change the opponents you are betting on. On the main screen above the two teams listed as competing against each other is a Change Teams button.

If you get a match up that you do not like or don’t want to bet on, then you can click the Change Teams button and two new random teams will load up to replace them. You can keep doing this until you feel like you have got a match up that you are happy with.

  • What about the other Virtual Soccer Game at bet365 Games?

If you are more au-fait with Virtual Sports then you will have noticed that I have compared Instant Soccer with the Virtual Football game on bet365 Sports, not the Virtual Soccer game that is also at bet365 Games and there is a deliberate reason for that.

That is because the Virtual Soccer game at bet365 Games is very different to the other two games and as such, I am going to look at that option in its own article next week. So do keep your eyes peeled for that.

For now though, Instant Soccer offers a new way to play Virtual Football games and is a great addition to the range of Virtual Sports offerings you can find at bet365 Games, each of which is different to those you can access at bet365 Sports.

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