Sky Bingo Bonus Offers

If you have a Sky Poker account then you will be aware that your single log in gives you access to several other Sky gambling sites.

Sky Bet offers you the chance to place a bet on a huge number of sporting and non-sporting events, and Sky Vegas is an online casino offering the chance to play lots of top quality casino games – but if you want a little more social interaction when wagering, then you should check out Sky Bingo.

Sky Bingo – new player bonus

Sky Bingo, as the name suggests, is Sky’s bingo website and as a new Sky customer, you can receive £20 completely free to play the game (but only if you don’t have an existing Sky account). This no deposit required bonus also comes with a NOW TV Sky Movies Month Pass (worth £8.99) for a limited time only when you do deposit your own cash.

All you need to do is create your bingo account on the site and click on the Play Bingo link on the left hand menu bar. You then create a Chat Nickname and when you have done this, you are credited with a £20 bingo bonus to your account, which you can now use to play in any of the games and rooms across the site.

When you register, you’ll be sent a code and when you make a cash deposit and enter the code you’ll receive your free month NOW TV Sky Movies pass.

As a new customer, you’ll also be eligible to join in the Newbie Room on the site. This is a dedicated bingo room to help newcomers to Sky Bingo understand how the site is organised, how the game works, the features of the game and how the chat system works.

It is worth noting here that unlike other sites (such as Bet365) you are only allowed one bonus from the Sky family of betting and gambling sites. So if you have already taken a bonus on Sky Vegas, Sky Bet or Sky Poker when joining there, you won’t be eligible for the free deposit bonus on Sky Bingo.

Interested in a Sky free bankroll offer to get you started? Just click the link to find out more.

Sky Bingo – the site

One of the best things about all Sky sites, whether it is poker, Vegas or SkyBet, is that the site is generally designed very well indeed and Sky Bingo is no exception. Once you have logged in, you can flick between the four Sky sites using the tab at the top of the page while navigating around the Sky Bingo site is easily achieved by using the left hand side menu bar.

Other than the home button which will reload the home page, the other four tabs are self-explanatory:

  • Promotions – This outlines all the running promotions on Sky Bingo (more on this later).
  • Schedule –If you want to find out when a certain bingo event is being played, then this is the section to use as it details all the forthcoming games, sorted in order of start time.
  • Play Games – This takes you to Sky Bingo’s own section of slots, scratch cards, card and table games and more which you can play directly from Sky Bingo, rather than visiting Sky Vegas.
  • Play Bingo – Self-explanatory, if you want to play bingo, this is the button to click as it takes you to the list of bingo games starting immediately, while logging you in with a chat name.

Navigating the site is quick and easy and it is very easy to find the type of bingo game, or other type of game, you wish to play.

Sky Bingo – the bingo room

Once you have selected the bingo room you want to play in then that room will load. The first thing you need to do is understand the key elements of the room.

These are:

The timer: This counts down to the start of the game, so you have to ensure that you have bought your tickets before this gets too near the start of the game.

The ticket purchase window: This is where you decide how many tickets to buy for the current bingo game. You can buy from one ticket up to 120 per game depending on the game. The cost per ticket ranges from free games  up to around 50p per ticket for the bigger games.

The chat window: This is where you can interact with the other players in the room as well as participate in chat games organised by the room host. The social side of bingo is very important and the free to play chat games are a good way to earn yourself a little bonus when playing bingo.

Once the tickets are purchased and the timer has run down,  the bingo game will begin. All your cards are automatically marked by the software with any winning tickets automatically detected and the tickets that are closest to winning for you displayed at the top of your list of tickets and automatically sorted after each number is drawn.

Once the prizes are awarded for the first line, second line and full house (with the prizes increasing in size for each win). The size of the cash game depends on the price of tickets, the number of tickets sold and the number of people playing the game.

Once a winner is declared for a prize, the money is transferred to the winning player’s account and the game continues until the two lines and full house prizes are claimed. Then the next game starts with a countdown allowing people to buy tickets.


There is a real social element to playing on Sky Bingo. The chat aspect of the game cannot be understated as because the software is automated, players are able to chat and take part in chat games with their room host without it affecting their bingo.  This heightens the social element which is a big part of bingo games.

Sky Bingo isn’t as involved a process playing Sky Poker or Sky Vegas games, but it is a great way to unwind if you like to give your brain a rest from the stresses and strains of poker, slots or blackjack and the social element is very appealing and different to more solitary pursuits when playing online.

Thinking of trying out Sky Poker? Freeroll events can be a great way to build a bankroll – and our guide to daily and weekly freeroll events on Sky Poker can help you select the freeroll that’ll suit you best.