Guide To Bet365 Sports Betting For Novices Or Advanced Bettors

[toc]Since the company was first founded in 2000 in the somewhat humble auspices of Stoke-on-Trent, England, Bet365 has quickly risen to become one of the premiere online gambling portals.

The Bet365 label covers a wide range of gambling and gaming sites including Bet365 Casino, Bet365 Games, Bet365 Bingo and Bet365 Poker all proving hugely popular.

The Bet365 brand however gained its elite reputation initially through its sports betting service and in this article, we’ll examine this aspect of the site in a little more detail, looking at the different aspects that have combined to make the site one of the most popular online betting sites in the world, with over seven million members spread over 200 countries worldwide.

To understand why Bet365 enjoys such enormous popularity with its sports betting, we need to look at some of the key features of the site in a little more detail, starting with the initial enticement the site uses to attract new customers.

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Bet365 new player bonuses

While Bet365 were not the first company to offer bonuses for new players, they have consistently been a company that have offered new players the biggest financial incentive to join them.

New players at Bet365 now receive a 100% bonus offer on deposits of up to £200, meaning that if you deposit £200 into your account as a new player, you’ll receive the same amount again from Bet365 as a welcome bonus.

In addition, new players do not even have to deposit cash in order to make a bet as if you register without depositing, Bet365 will give you $5 free to bet with completely free of charge. There is no reason not to sign up to take advantage of Bet365’s new player bonuses.

This double incentive of a small no deposit cash award for the site, plus a hefty 100% bonus on first deposits means that Bet365 is immediately attractive to all new players as they can receive cash free of charge to wager with on the site and then with their first deposit, double their money on any deposit they make up to £200.

Over the years, Bet365 have proven to be one of the most consistently excellent betting sites for new player offers and this certainly has helped swell their user numbers, though it is by no means the sole reason why the company is so highly regarded.

Customer promotions and offers

Bet365-Sports-BetAnother area where Bet365 excels is in their promotions and offers section. While many sites target new players and then the number of offers for existing customers is relatively small, Bet365 keeps people coming back to the site with a wealth of different offers across all the most popular sports betting markets, each of which is readily available throughout the year.

For example, fans of horse racing can enjoy a risk free bet in Bet365’s Channel 4/1 offer, or their Feature Race 4/1 offers on most days of the horse racing calendar. They also receive a risk free bet if they tip a winner of 4/1 or more on any Channel 4 race, as well as receiving payouts on winning horses that are subsequently disqualified and guarantees that they will always receive the best odds available on a horse regardless of what price the horse was backed at, or its starting price.

It is not just horse racing that receives excellent offers, fans of soccer betting can enjoy a wide number of offers too including the 100% Euro Soccer Bonus for accumulator bets, money back on any match if the game finishes 0-0 as well as each way 1/3 odds First Goalscorer bets available on unlimited places on selected games (effectively meaning your player can score at any time and you will win).

The sheer wealth and variety of offers available at Bet365 makes betting with them simple and easy as almost all the most popular types of bets have an offer which customers can take advantage of when they place the bet.

Competitive odds

Another reason why Bet365 has proven popular with punters is value. Bet365’s site consistently scores well when it comes to offering some of the industry’s best prices for a range of markets.

In addition, these odds can be radically improved by taking advantage of certain offers, for example if you place a 14-fold acca bet using matches from the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga and Champions League and your bet wins, you will earn DOUBLE the prize money thanks to Bet365’s Euro Soccer bonus.

Pick a five-fold acca to the same criteria and any winnings you get are boosted by 10%.

Strong odds and offers which further enhance these odds are one of the main reasons why punters keep coming back to Bet365 as they get more for their money when they win.[/geoip2]

Wide range of betting markets

Another appealing factor for Bet365 is the sheer number of betting markets available at any given time. The site offers extensive sports betting options, with the ability to bet on a vast range of sporting events, even the most obscure ones from all over the globe.

This wealth of selection means that punters are never short of sporting events to choose from, all with a wide selection of different betting markets available to suit all different types of bet.

Live streaming services

Another big plus for Bet365 is its range of Live Streaming services. Every day a host of sporting events, including soccer matches, tennis clashes, basketball games etc are viewable via Live Streaming provided you have cash in your account, or you have made a qualifying bet within the previous 24-hour time period.

In addition to these services, if you place a bet of just 50p on any UK or Irish horse race, you can view that race at no extra cost via the Bet365 live horse racing stream.

Accessible, intuitive site

It is no use having a site packed with betting offers, superb markets at great odds for a wide range of sports, if navigating to them is unwieldy and awkward, however the Bet365 website also keeps people coming back because of its intuitive design.

It’s menu-driven system allows users to navigate quickly to their chosen sporting event and the betting software allows you to place a bet, see the odds and the potential returns quickly and easily. Placing a bet is quick and easy and makes betting on the site a pleasure.

Support for mobile gaming/gambling

Increasingly, how customers use betting and gambling sites is changing; we are moving from typically accessing these machines from our home laptop or desktop and to now playing or betting via smartphone or tablets, often while on the go.

Bet365 has embraced this shift in usage better than many of its contemporaries, offering superb support across its range of products for mobile devices and indeed, they are offering free cash bonuses for users when they make their first bet, or play their first casino game, via a mobile device.

As you can see from the factors listed above, there is no single reason why Bet365 is such a great site to bet with, but it is a combination of complimentary factors which makes the site one of the best online bookmakers available today.

Bet365 Sports Statistics ExplainedBet365 Sports betting statistics

Before they made their name as a poker site of repute, Bet365 were already a household name for many thanks to the sports betting arm of the company.

Indeed, when the company was first set up in 2000, it was through betting that it gained its popularity across the UK and beyond.

As you would expect, sports betting is a significant part of the Bet365 portfolio and this part of the site has earned excellent reviews from punters due to the number of top quality promotions and industry-leading odds that the site tends to provide.

Yet, it is very easy to overlook one of the very best aspects of the Bet365 Sports betting site, especially if you are a relative novice to sports betting, which is why if you are thinking of placing a bet on any popular sports market, you should familiarise yourself with the Bet365 stats pack.

Don’t you dare think of placing any bets until you have in hand a Bet365 no deposit bonus code.

Part of the reason that many people miss the statistics package when they place a bet may be because it isn’t linked to at the top of the page. Instead, you need to scroll to the bottom where a variety of different stats packages for a whole host of sports are available.

For the purposes of convenience, we are going to use soccer statistics in this article, but Bet365 statistics service covers a whole host of sports, 24 in total including American Football, Darts, Basketball, Rugby, Snooker, Tennis, Motorsport, Cycling and many more.

What is particularly impressive is not just the sheer wealth of sports that statistics are provided for, but also the depth of the statistics covered for each sport.

For example, clicking on the Soccer option will bring up a sub list of parts of the globe, Europe, North American, South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania and World (for the other soccer stats not covered by the preceding categories).

As you filter down through the categories, the stats package will update on the right to bring you the most commonly requested markets (so in football for example, if you click on Europe, this will bring up information on the most popular European Leagues, such as Spain, England, Italy etc).

The more you filted down towards the information you require, the more the display updates to show you this information.

Using the Statistics Package to harvest meaningful betting information

It is one thing having an in-depth stats package, but how can you, as a potential sports gambler, use this aspect of the Bet365 Sports betting site to your advantage?

The key is to harvest meaningful information from the vast swathe of stats which will help inform your bet and give you a better idea of whether the odds offered make your choice of bet a good value bet or not.

This is best shown via an example, so let’s say that this weekend, I want to place a bet on the Under/Over 2.5 Goals market for a forthcoming football match between Southampton and Arsenal.

Having navigated through the soccer menu’s to the English Premier League, you can select the Southampton v Arsenal match from the stats package and the data for this game will load up.

This now shows the user a host of information about the game in question, current form, previous results between the team, historical data, which players have scored the most goals for each team, current form.

You can also check the stats for your choice of market. In this case the Over/Under 2.5 Goals market which shows that 63.6% of Southampton’s matches have finished Under 2.5 Goals, whereas 54.5% of Arsenal’s matches have finished Under 2.5 Goals.

Just this simple amount of research, which takes just a few seconds to sort through thanks to the intuitive nature of the stats package, reveals that the Southampton v Arsenal game Under 2.5 Goals bet looks the more likely outcome, hence if Bet365 are offering good odds on t his, it may well be a prudent bet to make.

How important are statistics when making a bet?

So does trawling through the statistics as provided on a site like Bet365 help you become a more successful punter?

In short, the answer is yes and the reason for this is that you are essentially repeating what the bookmaking experts are doing when they formulate their odds for an event.

When pricing up any sporting event, a bookmaker will take account of a whole number of statistics, as well as the current market trends, to price up an event. In general, bookies will use these statistics rigorously as they have proven, over time, to be the most accurate.

What you can do is use these same statistics to find the best value markets, combined with your own sporting knowledge and identifying trends.

A good example of this is the Southampton v Arsenal match shown above. A deeper look at the stats reveals that while the majority of Southampton’s games have seen fewer than 2.5 goals scored, against teams in the top seven, the majority of games have seen MORE than 2.5 goals scored.

Therefore, you have a decision, do you follow the more general trend and back the Under market, or do you look at this new line of information produced by the stats and back the OVER market as Arsenal are a top six team?

This underlines how important statistics are and how important it is to research your market thoroughly. An initial plough through the research for this game seems to suggest the UNDER 2.5 goals market is the best value, but on a closer inspection of key statistics, you can make a very good case for backing the OVER 2.5 Goals market instead.

The best punters will always use statistics when they are making a serious bet.

The time spent researching markets by top punters does pay off in more winning bets. As such, if you are planning on having a flutter on Bet365, then check out the stats section and you’ll be able to research your chosen markets far more thoroughly and this will, hopefully, lead to more winning bets.

In-Play betting at Bet365

The In-Play market is the heart of sports betting at bet365. Bettors can now place a nearly limitless number of wagers on dozens, if not hundreds, of events within a particular game or match.

How does it work? Punters new to the system might be a bit overwhelmed with all that the In-Play market at bet365 has to offer, but a quick tour through the major features will help flatten the learning curve and get you that much closer to some of the most entertaining wagering in the world.

Before we dive right in, if you aren’t yet a Bet365 customer you’ll of course want to sign up. To do so is a quick process, and the icing on the cake (aside from joining one of the UK’s most respected betting sites) is that new account signups can qualify for up to $1k+ in Bet365 welcome bonuses. Just click the link to learn more.

Now onto the markets!

The Control Panel + Betting Slip

In-Play Control panelA bit small and tucked away in the upper-right hand corner below the log in area, the control panel packs a lot of power into a tiny space. The five icons on the top of the panel allow you to (from left to right) access the Calendar View, turn sound On / Off, access the Support Center, Refresh the page and Switch View (this will rearrange the various modules of the In-Play home screen).

Below the icons you’ll find your bet slip.   You have the option to view your slip in standard format or banker’s format.   As you click on bets you’d like to make, this slip will fill up with summaries of the wagers for your review.

Expanded Bet SlipAs you can see in our example to the right, the bet slip previews your wager, allowing to see how the price actually impacts your potential winnings based on the amount you choose to wager.  The slip will also total your stake for all selected wagers.   To add a bet to your slip, you simply click on it in the main screen.  Putting a bet in your betting slip does not result in the wager being officially placed; for that you’ll need to log in and then click the “Place Bet” button.

A word of caution: In-Play markets move very, very quickly for some wagers, so a bet that you put on your betting slip may no longer be valid by the time you actually confirm the wager.

If you place multiple bets in your slip, you’ll have some additional options appear.  To remove any wager, simply click the grey “x” to the left of the bet.

You must have a bet365 account and be logged in to place any bets.

Exploring and Adding In-Play Bets

The In-Play system at Bet365 gives you a number of ways to explore bets.  When you first visit or log in, the center of the screen defaults to showing a variety of currently available markets.   You can click on any cell in the center pane to move a wager into your betting slip.

You can also use the menu located to the far left of the screen to browse available markets by sport.  In the default view, this will be a list of sports with name and icon; in the alternative view this list will collapse to icons only.  Click on any sport and the menu will expand to show all available matches.

You’ll notice a little star icon next to each match; click this and the match will be added to your favorites, which are accessible at the top of the left-hand menu.

To view details about the specific markets available for a given match, just click on the match name in the menu.  This will bring up a center pane that looks something like this:

Sample bet365 inplay market

From here you can either click on a section to expand it and see the available wagers and lines or just click directly on a particular wager and it will be added to your bet slip.  Remember, putting a wager in your bet slip does not commit you to the bet – it’s basically just like adding an item to your shopping cart at Amazon.  You’ll still need to “check out” by actually placing the bets before your account will be charged and the bets accepted by bet365.

Bet365 In Play: The Diary

One of the neat features for bettors with this system is the Diary.  You can view all of you scheduled events for up to a week out from the current date.  The Diary also shows you the time and channel of the event, and allows you to access additional information in the In Play market regarding the event with just a click.   It’s an especially useful tool during major events where multiple games run daily.

Live Content at the Bet365 In Play Markets

An impressive collection of video and audio, much of it streaming live and all of it accessible from the same dashboard where you place your bets.   Look for video and audio icons in the left hand menu that indicate when coverage for a particular match is available, or use the audio / video menu on the right to browse all currently streaming content.

In addition to video and audio, the right-hand menu also contains a series of running stats for matches that are being covered live by bet365.  You can easily access quick stats – such as attacks and dangerous attacks for football matches – and see a simple yet informative graphical representation of the current action, perfect for those situations when audio or video aren’t appropriate.

Finally, as with any live-play market, there are stats and updates spread throughout the interface.  Whether it’s shots on goal, pitches thrown or three-point attempts, the stat you want about a game happening now is available via the In Play market at Bet365.

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InPlay Markets: Video Overview


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