How would you like the chance to participate in a series of tournaments from now until the 12th February with a total prize fund of over €200,000 up for grabs across all the events. With Buy In starting from just €0.50 up to a maximum of €20, the Bet365 €200,000 Kart Series is one promotion you do not want to miss.

All you need to participate is to sign up at Bet365 poker if you are not a member, and you can do so right now with our special Bet365 bonus code which will ensure you get the best possible starter bonus when you sign up.

Once you are on the site, simply deposit some cash into your account and you can use it to enjoy participating in a total of 26 different tournaments, taking place from the 30th January through until the 12th February 2017.

What is the Kart Series main tournament schedule?

The table below outlines which events are in the Kart Series tournament schedule together with the date they will be played, the start time and the Buy In amount. €1,000 Added Tournaments are available on Bet365 Poker from Monday 30th January, although the first Kart Series tournament event does not take place until the 5th February.

Date Time (GMT) Event Prize Pool Buy In
Sun 5th Feb 18.30 Kart Series #1 €5,000 €5
Sun 5th Feb 19:30 Kart Series #2 €50,000 €20
Sun 5th Feb 20:00 Kart Series #3 €5,000 €10
Sun 5th Feb 20:30 Kart Series #4 €1,000 €1
Mon 6th Feb 19:30 Kart Series #5 €10,000 €10
Mon 6th Feb 20:00 Kart Series #6 €2,000 €2
Mon 6th Feb 20:30 Kart Series #7 €1,000 €1
Tue 7th Feb 19:30 Kart Series #8 €10,000 €10
Tue 7th Feb 20:00 Kart Series #9 €3,000 €2
Tue 7th Feb 20:30 Kart Series #10 €1,000 €0.50
Wed 8th Feb 19:30 Kart Series #11 Top Gear €3,000 €5
Wed 8th Feb 20:00 Kart Series #12 PLO €2,000 €5
Wed 8th Feb 20:30 Kart Series #13 €500 €2
Thu 9th Feb 19:30 Kart Series #14 €5,000 €1
Thu 9th Feb 20:00 Kart Series #15 K.O €2,000 €5
Thu 9th Feb 20:30 Kart Series #16 €500 €2
Fri 10th Feb 19:30 Kart Series #17 €15,000 €10
Fri 10th Feb 20:00 Kart Series #18 €5,000 €5
Fri 10th Feb 20:30 Kart Series #19 €1,000 €1
Sat 11th Feb 19:30 Kart Series #20 €5,000 €5
Sat 11th Feb 20:00 Kart Series #21 €3,000 €10
Sat 11th Feb 20:30 Kart Series #22 Top Gear €1,000 €0.50
Sun 12th Feb 18:30 Kart Series #23 €3,000 €5
Sun 12th Feb 19:30 Kart Series #24 €50,000 €20
Sun 12th Feb 20:00 Kart Series #25 €7,500 €5
Sun 12th Feb 20:30 Kart Series #26 €500 €1

However, in addition to these events there will also be a special event run every day of the promotion at 7pm, starting on the 30th January 2017.

These are the Kart Series €1,000 Added events and these will all have the same €1 buy in and the top prize in these events is that the top 50 players will receive a €20 Tournament Token if they manage to finish in one of those positions in any of the events.

With a total of €200,000 in prize money across the 26 Kart Tournaments, plus the €1,000 added events held each day, this is a fantastic value tournament for all players at Bet365 Poker, however it is not the only new promotion that the site has announced in this past week.

Enter Premium Pairs Freerolls to win a share of €80,000 in prize money this February

If you are looking for something exciting to try out this February, then look no further than the latest missions-based offer from Bet365 Poker, although this Premium Pairs promotion is rather different to many of the other missions-themed offers that the site has offered in the past.

The promotion started on the 30th January 2017 and runs through until February 26th 2017. There are qualifying periods for Bonus Hour, Daily and Weekly timescales, each of which offers entry into a different freeroll event held either each day, or once per week.

The aim of the promotion is rather simple, all you need to do is to click the Start button on the mission in the Premium Pairs page of the site to register that you are participating and then follow the instructions shown in each of the missions.

The general aim in these missions is to be dealt the selected Premium Pair hand while in that event in the relevant qualifying period. If you do this, then you will receive a Tournament Token for entry into the freeroll attributed to that mission.

What Premium Pairs Tournaments are available?

There are three different types of tournaments available as part of the Premium Pairs promotion:

  • A Daily Bonus Hour €500 Freeroll, which has a qualifying period of 23:00 to 23:59 GMT each day of the promotion.
  • A Daily Premium Pair €1,000 Freeroll, which has a qualifying period of 00:00 to 23:59 GMT each day of the promotion.
  • A Weekly Premium Pair €10,000 Freeroll, which you can qualify for by being dealt the Premium Pair on two separate days of the promotion during that qualifying week.

The required cards you need to make a Premium Pair change throughout each week of the promotion, but the cards you require to enter the three different types of freeroll are exactly the same each week of the promotion.

  • From the 30th January until the 5th February, if you want to enter any of the freerolls listed above then your mission is to be dealt a Premium Pair of Jacks.
  • From the 6th – 12th February to enter any of the freerolls outlined above the Premium Pair you need to be dealt when completing the relevant mission is a pair of Queens
  • From the 13th to 19th February, the Premium Pair required to enter any of the tournaments is a pair of Kings
  • Finally, from the 20th to the 26th February, you need to land the Premium Pair of Aces to receive a freeroll ticket for the relevant tournament listed above.

To clarify, in order to qualify for a tournament token for one of the freerolls above, on your mission you must be dealt the Premium Pair as your hole cards, the first two cards you receive in a hand. If you make the pair using the flop, turn or river, this does not count as completing the mission.

February is shaping up to be a very exciting month on Bet365 Poker with two great new promotions now running and the chance to win almost €300,000 in cash in the shortest month of the year.