Break Free From The Stigma Of Gambling Addiction

addiction stigma

There’s a lot of gambling addiction stigma. This stigma is damaging in a number of ways, but the most important of those is people not coming forward for help when they need it.

After all, problem gambling is a widespread issue that affects people from all walks of life. Despite how prevalent it is, seeking help is often shrouded in stigma. However, those barriers are gradually being broken down. We’re going to talk you through some of the ways that you can help to shift addiction stigma away from the present and into the past.

Understanding gambling addiction stigma

Sometimes looking at gambling addiction stigma head on can help take away its power. There are a lot of misconceptions about who gets gambling problems, and this can add to the stigma. You might fear judgement from others if the wider world finds out that you have a problem. But the truth is there is no one type of person who gets addicted to gambling. And the sooner we all realise that, the quicker we can banish the stigma.

Break the silence

Gambling addiction stigma thrives in silence. Acknowledging a gambling problem takes courage. It means you have to admit vulnerability. But it’s so important you do that and remember that seeking help isn’t a sign of weakness. Far from it. Really, it’s a demonstration of strength and commitment to personal growth.

Increasing awareness

As well as freeing you to get help, talking to the wider world about gambling addiction is vital. When you discuss the issue opening, you’re paving the way for empathy and understanding. This makes it easier for others with an addiction to come forward and seek help.

Professional support

Talking to trained professionals plays a pivotal role in  breaking stigmas and setting you on a path to recovery. Therapists, counselors and support groups offer valuable insights and coping strategies that can empower you.

Know that this is a journey

One of the stigmas around addiction is that you’re weak if you can’t give up instantly and by yourself. But this can’t be further from the truth. Giving up gambling is a process. You acknowledge the issue, seek support and commit to change. It is transformative and can lead to much better mental health. But it is a long process, and one that takes a lot of work.

Do you think you have a gambling problem?

As we’ve talked about, it is so important that you get help for a gambling problem. Professional support, as well as support from your friends and family, is crucial. 

Reach out to organizations such as like National Council for Problem Gambling in the US and Be Gamble Aware in the UK. They can give you guidance and advice to get the support you need to quit gambling for good.

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