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Are you one of the fans of the famous Candy Crush Saga game, which has proven to be such a smash hit success on social media? If you are then there is a little-known game available right now that you could try which offers you a similar experience, but with the added opportunity to win some added cash and even trigger some exciting bonus games.

That game is called Fruit Blast and it is something very different to your standard casino game or slot. So much so that we have decided to take a much closer look at the game and bring you all the details that you will need to understand how to play it and how it could make you 5,000x better off should you land that big prize win playing it.

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Let’s now take a look at how the Fruit Blast game works so you can discover why it is a little different to the typical game that you will find at an online casino.

Fruit Blast Slot – Explained

If you have played any of the symbol matching games that are very popular on social media, such as Candy Crush Saga, then the mechanics of the Fruit Blast slot will be very familiar to you. The game is about landing clusters of three or more symbols together on a 5×5 grid. When you click on a cluster of symbols, it will be removed from the reels and replaced with symbols dropping down from above. This can then trigger further symbol clusters and so forth.

In order to land a win, a player needs to collect seven symbols or more of the same type in a single game. This can be achieved in either one single cluster, or any number of clusters of three or more symbols. The more symbols you can collect in a game, the more chances you have of triggering one or more wins.

There are a total of five different fruit symbols on the reels and alongside these symbols, there are also some bonus symbols which, if triggered, can allow you access some of the bonus features of the game.

A game of Fruit Blast ends when the grid you have remaining on screen does not have any clusters of three or more fruits in it. This may occur quickly in the game (in which case the player bet generally loses), or it can occur after a player has managed to remove a number of clusters (in which case, the more clusters they can remove, especially of the same type, then the better chance they have of landing a win).

Let’s now clarify what the main types of fruit are that you will see on the grid in the Fruit Blast game, and just how much collecting enough of each of the fruit in clusters will pay you.

Base Game Payouts for Fruit Blast

In the base game, there are five standard fruit symbols on the reels. In order to land a win at the stated multiplier for each fruit, you need to collect at least seven symbols in clusters of three or more, in order to trigger each prize.

  • Cherry – 0.5x your bet
  • Lime – 1x your bet
  • Grapes – 2x your bet
  • Melon – 5x your bet
  • Pineapple – 10x your bet

One important thing to note here is that if you land a win, then the game will continue while there are still clusters on the reels. This means you can trigger more than one win on a game, for example if you land more than seven cherry symbols and more than seven lime symbols, then you would get a total pay out of 1.5x your bet.

Additionally, for every multiple of seven you collect for a single symbol, you will earn another win on that symbol. For example, if you collect 14 of the Lime symbols on the reels, you would win 2x your total bet, (2 x 1x). Collect 14 of the highest paying pineapple slot and that pay out swells to 20 bet.

Other Game Features – Levels and Unlocking Achievements

If the Fruit Blast game was simply what we have outlined above, then it would be a little repetitive, but fortunately there are some added elements to the game that do give it a greater appeal and more longevity the first of these is the ability to unlock achievements as you play.

There are certain achievements you can earn by playing the game, such as earning a Juice Maker for playing 10 games of Fruit Blast, and these will change as you progress through the game and play more on it.

The other element in the game is the Levels. As you play Fruit Blast, every cluster of symbols you remove will generate one star per symbol removed from the reels. You collect these stars in a meter and at various points, once you have collected enough stars, you will move onto the next level.

As you move through the levels, you will unlock a new bartender who you can select. You need to reach level 25 to unlock all the bartenders and the good news is that the bartenders are more than just something you can unlock. The bartender you select will determine the bonus game you will play if you manage to activate it in the base game.

Fruit Blast Bonus Feature Games and Jackpot Tiles

What makes the Fruit Blast game so entertaining is not just the base game listed above, but the fact that you can trigger a number of bonus features. The first of these is the Jackpot Tiles.

These will appear on the screen, though rarer than the standard symbols, and if you can gather them into a cluster of tiles, then you can win the largest base game prize jackpot of 1,000x the bet you made at the start of the game.

The other tile that can appear is the Bonus Tile and if you can get a cluster of three or more of these tiles together then you can land a shot at one of the different bonus games available on Fruit Blast. Each of the eight games available is linked to the bartender you have serving you in the game, with no bonus game attached to the very first bartender (Summer).

Each of the bonuses you receive is different to the others and is outlined below:

  • Hawaiian Shake – Aloha will pour fruits into a blender to make a shake and she then pours this over the grid to make a combination guaranteed to earn you a cash prize.
  • Dance Nights – The bartender Pat is resident at this level and will award you five free games, with a win guaranteed on each game you play.
  • Pick & Win I – With Koko the bartender, flip as many of the six coins on screen over as you can, before you reveal a collect sign under one of them. Each coin you flip will award you a cash prize which is paid when the Collect symbol is revealed.
  • Goth a Fruit – Cassandra the bartender’s game sees you pick from 5 tiles on the grid to reveal a cash prize. Then a new grid opens, and you pick from the tiles once again and so on until you hit collect. The more grids you can progress through, the higher the value of prizes available to win.
  • Happy Hour – With bartender Max, he will mix up a full shake for you and pour it on the grid covering seven tiles to allow you a guaranteed win.
  • Side Dish – The Maitre’D bonus game sees you play one Free Game with a 10x multiplier on a guaranteed win in that game.
  • Double Shake – With Mary as the bartender, you can pick one of four coins to reveal a cash prize and then select from two additional coins to either double your prize or collect the amount won.
  • Pick & Win II – Flip up to a dozen coins in the bonus until you reveal a multiplier which ends the game with the multiplier being applied across all the wins you collected previously.

With clever multi-faceted gameplay, Fruit Blast is a very engaging, simple yet fun game that will certainly appeal to fans of social media games of a similar ilk.

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