Super 6 SkyBet

There are many different benefits to becoming a Sky Poker customer, yes you get a fantastic start up deal including a no deposit bonus when you sign up (you can claim your Sky Poker no super-6-1deposit bonus by clicking on the link) but the positives go well beyond simply what you can get as a new player with the site.

When you create a Sky Poker account, you create a single Sky account that allows you to access all the other exciting Sky family of gambling sites. That includes Sky Vegas, Sky Casino, Sky Bingo and SkyBet.

This allows customers to enjoy the full range of Sky services and makes it so easy to play on each site as you only ever access one account and all funds are deposited and withdrawn from the same single account.

However, there is another big bonus to having a Sky account and that is during the football season, which runs from August through until May, people who hold a Sky login and password for any of the sites can all take part in a free to enter weekly competition. Players compete for a top prize of £250,000, which is up for grabs almost every week, plus the occasional prize of £1,000,000 on selected weeks too.

That competition is called the Super 6 and it is very easy to enter and understand how to play.

What is Super 6?

Each Saturday during the football season, Sky Sports runs a soccer panel show named Soccer Saturday. As part of this show, Jeff Stelling and his team of experts (all ex-footballers) will preview the key games in the Premier League (or lower leagues if no Premier League matches are being played) and as part of that preview, they make a score prediction of how the match will pan out.

Several years ago, Sky recognised that this could form the basis of a prediction competition where punters could enter their own predictions for a number of games each week and compare how they do against all other players and of course, the experts on the Sky Soccer Saturday panel.

It is from this that the Super 6 was devised. Each week, Sky’s team of experts pick six matches from the weekend’s key games all of which kick off at 3pm on Saturday. The games are uploaded onto the Super 6 website and the aim of the game is for players to correctly predict the correct score of each of the six games.

To enter, all you need is your Sky log in details and passcode. Simply enter these (they are the same as you use for any of the Sky gambling sites) as your log in details and you will then be able to participate.

The competition is completely free to enter.

How do I enter my predictions?

Once you have logged in to the Super 6 site, then you can head on over to the latest game week coupon by clicking the red Play Now button which is easily visible on the front page. This brings upsuper-6-2 the six games that are available for you to predict the scores of this week.

When the page has loaded up you will see the current game week listed at the top of the page and underneath that will be listed the six games. Simply scroll through the numbers next to each team to select the scoreline and when you have done this for all six matches, you then have to complete the tiebreaker.

To win the £250,000 jackpot, you need to correctly predict the scores of each of the six games correctly.

The tiebreaker is only used in the event of the £250,000 jackpot not being won and instead a smaller prize (of around £5,000) is awarded instead to the player with the highest points total that week. For the tiebreaker, you simply have to pick the minute the first goal in any of the six games on the coupon will be scored.

Sky will use the tiebreaker to decide between two or more players that share the same number of points on a non-jackpot winning week. In the event of two or more players being equally closest to the correct time, the prize will be split.

In weeks where two or more players win the Jackpot prize of £250,000, the tie-breaker is not used and all players who correctly predicted all six games will share the prize.

Other prizes available

In addition to the weekly cash prizes on offer, there are a number of other prizes available for the highest points scorer in a given month and also prizes for those that perform well over the course of the season.

Furthermore, you can enter a number of different leagues set up by different groups of people and compare how you get on against other people’s predictions, alternatively you can set up a super-6-3group for you and your friends to play against each other to see how you compare.

To allow for easier ranking of players via these leagues, Sky award points for players that predict the correct score exactly (the maximum five points) and also points if you don’t get the score correct, but correctly predict the outcome of the game (two points).

So for example, if you correctly predict the score of two games, then in two other matches you don’t get the score right, but the match result is the same (say you pick a 1-0 scoreline for Team A, but the match finishes as 2-0 to Team A) and in the other two games you get both the scoreline and the match result wrong, then this would score you 14 points that game week.

Special £1,000,000 prize weeks

In addition to the £250,000 prize that is available to be won almost every week, on selected weeks of the season, Sky may elect to increase the value of the weekly prize on offer to £1,000,000. There will often be a big announcement about this on Sky throughout the preceding week to ensure as many people know about this as possible.

On these selected weeks, the total prize available for the winner that predicts all six scores correctly is increased fourfold, from £250,000 to £1,000,000.

Super 6 is a fantastic opportunity to have a free shot at earning a £250,000 top prize, or occasionally even a £1,000,000 top prize, at no risk to yourself and that costs you nothing other than simply having a Sky log in. Why not see if you can predict the six scores this weekend and make it a memorable one if you can land all six?