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Let’s begin this week’s preview of the top eSports betting available for the next seven days with a quick review of one of the biggest surprises in League of Legends eSports for a while.League of Legends

That shock came in the two-day 2015 League of Legends KeSPA Cup, an 14-team tournament between a group of the best Korean-based League of Legends teams.  With the top two seeds, the all-conquering SK Telecom T1 and KT Rolster seeded into the quarter finals, the remaining 12 teams fought it out in the first round over six matches to join the other two in the quarter finals.

At the quarter finals stage both KT Rolster and SK Telecom T1 progressed by 2-1 scorelines but then things got very interesting in the semi finals.

In the first semi final, KT Rolster took on another outstanding LoL team in CJ Entus and after a hard-fought game it was CJ Entus who progressed to the final 2-1. A small shock but that was nothing compared to what was to follow.

As in the second semi final, team Ever, who were the underdogs in the last four, took on the mighty SK Telecom T1. Nobody gave Ever much of a chance, but they stunned the favourites defeating them in two straight games to claim a place in the final.

However, in the final Ever showed that this result was no fluke as they crushed CJ Entus 3-0 to earn themselves the top prize of 40 million Korean Won, as well as the coveted spot in the IEM Season X in Cologne which will take place in December.

Plenty of top quality e-Sports betting available this week at the Dota 2 Frankfurt Major 2015

DOTA2 Bet365There’s no doubt that if you are looking for a great choice of eSports bets this week on Bet365, then Valve’s Frankfurt Major 2015 is certainly the place to start. This is one of Valve’s “big Three Major” events to tie in alongside The International series of events in the summer and the Frankfurt is the Autumn major, with the Winter and Spring major’s still to be announced.

There is a staggering $3m prize pool for this event and 16 of the very best Dota 2 teams from across the globe will compete until Saturday 21st November to see who is crowned as the Grand Finals champion, earning themselves a top prize of $1.1m.

This weekend saw the initial group phase of the competition completed and all 16 teams have now been split into one of two brackets depending on where they finished in their group.

The top two in each group are placed in the Winners Bracket, with the winners of each match progressing through the bracket until the single team Grand Finalist is known.

Once a team has lost in the winners bracket, they drop down into the Losers Bracket, for a second chance to earn the second place in the Grand Final. The bottom two teams in each group start in the Losers Bracket and it is these matches, plus those in the Winners bracket, that will eventually lead through to the Grand Final on Saturday.

There’s a host of great betting markets available on this event with Bet365 Sport including betting on which team will win each match, which team will win each map of a match up, what the final score in terms of map score will be. In addition, there are bets on who will reach the final, which group the winner will come from and which part of the world they will come from also available.

RGN Pro, CEVO-M Playoffs, ESL ESEA Season 2 all available for CS:GO punters

If you are a regular bettor with Bet365 Sports on eSports betting then you will know that if there is one eSports that the site has offered consistently more bets on than any other, it is most CSGO Bettingdefinitely Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

And once again that is certainly the case throughout this week with a number of top events either running to completion this week, or starting and then completing over the course of the week.

First up it is the final stages of the CEVO-M Season 8 Playoffs in both Europe and North America. This huge event which has seen 60 teams in each league being slowly whittled down until the winner is declared in each section, is now entering the final stages of the competitions both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

The North American final will take place between Games Academy and on the 18th November and there will be plenty of games still to bet on in the European section over the coming days too.

Another big tournament to watch for this week is the three-day RGN Pro Series event which starts on Monday 16th November and finishes on Wednesday 18th November.

The action takes place in Santa Ana California, USA and a $30,000 prize pool is available for the winner of the tournament. Sixteen teams will complete, eight who qualified for the event and eight that were invited over the three days of action.

The first day will see the Group Stage of the event taking place with the top two teams in each group progressing into the knockout phase, the bottom two eliminated.

A quarter final stage will then take place with the four winning teams progressing into the semi finals. However the four losing teams will start the losers bracket and losing teams from the Semi Finals will take on the victors from the losers bracket match ups until the Grand Finalists, one team from each bracket, are known.

The Groups have been drawn as:

  • Group A – Counter Logic Gaming, Renegades, Nexus eSports and Enemy
  • Group B – Cloud9, ComLexity Gaming, Method, Nexus eSports Storm
  • Group C – Team Liquid, Lounge Gaming, Games Academy, SapphireKelownaDotCom
  • Group D – Luminosity Gaming, Torqued, Winterfox Counter Logic Gaming Red

So with plentiful choices of eSports available this week on Bet365 Sports, why not enjoy some top quality eSports betting to begin your week and see if you can earn yourself a tidy profit?