Virtual Soccer Offers a New Type of Soccer Virtual at Bet365 Games

You may recall that one of the most popular virtual sports games is football. Given that football, or soccer if you are based in some parts of the world, is a global game and immensely popular in all parts of the world, it is easy to see why its popularity would translate so easily into the virtual sports market.

However, for a good while now, most Virtual Football games have tended to follow the same template. You would get a period of time before the chosen match to place the bets you wanted from the selection available to you. Then after that time had elapsed, the highlights of the match would play and after those have been completed, the results of the bets you made would be known and you would be paid out if any of those were a winner.

Now though, there is something very different on offer for fans of Virtual Football.

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So, what is this new type of football virtual? Well, in order to play it, you need to point your browser at bet365 Games and head over to the virtuals section to play a game entitled Virtual Soccer.

What is Virtual Soccer?

Virtual Soccer takes a very different approach to a football virtual game than other titles at bet365. For a start, there are no highlights of the game to sit through and watch. In addition, the number of bets you can place is generally smaller. You can only bet on two markets, the outright winner of the league market or individual match betting on what the result of a game will be.

Now that sounds like a step backwards, rather than a step forward for Virtual Football betting as with no highlights and fewer bets, what is there for the punter to enjoy?

Well the answer is that Virtual Soccer doesn’t offer a single game to bet on, but instead thousands. This Virtual game simulates an entire football season in your chosen 20-team division. That means a total of 380 games to bet on across the season.

Not only that, but Virtual Soccer also provides something that the other virtual games don’t have for their matches and that is context. Each Virtual Soccer team plays 38 games in a season and the software not only works out the result of every team’s game, but also keeps tabs on their position in the league table. You can even view the form over the last six games for each team.

You can even go beyond that and view the performance of a team over different seasons using the database that is continually updated with data from the game. It truly is an astonishing feat and yet, we have still not touched upon what is the really outstanding aspect of the game.

Massive Choice of Leagues

Virtual Soccer would be a huge hit if it offered this kind of betting for just one league, but what is truly fabulous about this game is that it offers the same experience across multiple leagues. And not just a couple of leagues either, but in total there are 57 leagues that you can pick from to bet on, all of which contain 20 teams, and which play through their season at the same time and same pace as each other.

Every one of the leagues on offer in the game is based on a real-life league and contains, where possible, the real-life teams from within that league. In cases where leagues do not have 20 teams in total playing, additional teams may be added, or some teams omitted from the league to ensure that the numbers remain at 20.

That small caveat aside, the other exciting aspect for punters is that they can bet across multiple leagues in the game. You don’t have to focus on just one league, you can scroll through to others and place bets on multiple leagues, even for the same game week.

If other football virtuals at bet365 are aimed more at people who like to watch games and enjoy the highlights as well as a bet, the new Virtual Soccer game is aimed at those stats lovers who love to pore over stats and try to find the best bets from around a number of different leagues every week.

That offers an entirely different type of football virtual game and one that has massive appeal to many football fans.

How does Virtual Soccer work?

For al of the 57 leagues in the game, each season is divided up into 38 individual game weeks. Ten games are played on this game week between the teams in the league. Each team plays the other in the league home and away.

On each game week, players have around 75 seconds to place their bets on the games that they want to bet on. After this time expires, the software then works out the results of each of the games in the league (as well as all the other games taking place that game week across all other leagues). The results are then displayed (and stored) and the table updated to reflect the latest results.

After this the next game week begins. It takes about 45 minutes in total to run an entire season from the 1st game through to the 38th game.

In addition to match betting, in the early weeks of the season you can also place bets on which team will win the league that season. This option does disappear after a certain point in the season though, so you need to place this bet early on in the season.

Is Virtual Soccer realistic?

Yes, one of the great things about Virtual Soccer is that the designers have made it to roughly be similar to the real life leagues around the world. So for example, in the Premier League, the more successful teams tend to be Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United.

However, there is enough randomness built into the game to allow other teams have good seasons on occasion, while the top teams can also have poor runs of form and drop down the tables too.

This is replicated across the league and divisions, which includes all four divisions in England, the top leagues from Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Scotland and the Netherlands, as well as many other leagues from around the world.

You can play Virtual Soccer right now at bet365 Games. Simply log in, load up the game and you will be able to bet whatever point in the season the game is at.

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