Sky Poker Cash Games

If you have recently caught the poker bug and you are considering joining a poker site, which is the best one to join? Each site has its own positives and minuses but there are some that are undeniably better than others, especially when it comes to the relatively novice or smaller stakes poker player. Sky Poker is a prime example of just such a site and outlined below are ten good reasons why your online poker adventure should start with Sky Poker.

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1. Sky Poker offer a great sign up bonus for new players including £10 free when you first join

The first thing that is likely to attract new players to the Sky Poker site is its sign up bonus. This comes in two parts; firstly just for signing up and opening a new account with the site as a new customer you will receive £10 in your account to play with immediately.

Once you have used up your free cash you can then make a deposit and on your first deposit on the site, Sky Poker will award you a 200% bonus on top of what you have already put into your account, up to a maximum of £500.  So for example, if you make a £100 deposit in your account, you’ll receive £200 additionally from Sky Poker as a first deposit bonus. Deposit £10 and you’ll receive £20 free.

This is a brilliant way to build your initial bankroll and allows you to play for longer without having to spend extra.

2. The site design is clear and easy to follow

One of the biggest plus points for Sky Poker when compared to many rivals is the site design. The site has a simple, intuitive design that makes it easy for novice players both to navigate around and also to find the tables and tournaments that they want to play in.

Some other sites layout can be difficult to read and also not the clearest in terms of what kinds of tournaments and tables you can enter. On Sky Poker, players can easily discover everything about their chosen table by clicking on the information bar with the information they need explained in simple clear, jargon-free English.

3. The site is populated at all times of the day & night

A small but crucial point – if you join a site you don’t want to be sat at empty tables when you are ready to play. Not everyone works a 9-to-5 day so if you are a shift worker who likes to play early morning or late in the evening, then you’ll be glad to know Sky Poker’s tables are populated at all times of the day.

Crucially, because Sky Poker also has an excellent reputation for being a great site for novice players to learn at, the tables and tournaments most popular with novice players are amongst the most popular on the site ensuring you can find a seat at a table regardless of when you play.

4. There are specific poker games and tables aimed at lower stakes/novice players

One of the best aspects of Sky Poker is the sheer wealth of games available. Many games are aimed at players who want to play for lower stakes (even from just 0.01p to 0.02p per blind). Other games that are ideal for beginners to learn, such as Double Your Money Sit & Go Tables, or 50/50 games are also popular and offer beginners a great way to try and increase their bankroll for the minimum of initial outlays in tournament fees.

5. Sky Poker Rewards system

The more you play with Sky Poker then the more you’ll get back from them in terms of their rewards system. Sky Poker Rewards awards players who play on the site points each month which can then be used to enter Freeroll events, or even in competition with other players to win monthly prizes if you can earn enough points in a calendar month.

6. Daily Freeroll events

Without doubt, the daily freeroll events are one of the most popular aspects of the Sky Poker site. For just a few Sky Poker Rewards points you can play for cash every day without risking a single penny of your bankroll. The sheer number of freeroll events each day means that players can extend their play greatly in these competitions without spending any additional cash.

7. Regular Special Events – Including Freerolls

Sky Poker is linked strongly to the Sky Sports platform in the UK and when Sky Sports have a big event planned, then often you will find a new offer on Sky Poker too, such as the recent Cheltenham Races freeroll events. These events occur regularly throughout the year and allow players the chance to win big money for a small entry fee, or even in a freeroll event.

8. New Games Always in Development, for example 50/50 Poker

Another positive of Sky Poker is that they are always looking for innovative ways to improve their site. A good example of this is the development of 50/50 Poker which is a development of the Double Your Money Games. In Double Your Money games, at a table of six, the last three players with chips at the table win and Double Their Money, regardless of the amount of chips they had.

However, this meant that players could limp into the winning positions with few chips, while a clear chip leader, who had taken most of the risks at the table, would only be rewarded at the same level. 50/50 Poker fixes that now with the final three players being rewarded in proportion to their stack sizes, meaning that you will at least get your stake back, but how much extra you win depends on the stack size!

This is brand new feature on the site and is already proving hugely popular with novice players.

9. Lively forum offering plenty of information for new players

The Sky Poker forum is a great resource for new poker players too and is well worth having a look through. Check out the posts from more experienced poker players to learn about aspects of the game you may not have considered. You can also find challenges and hints and tips aplenty here and you can post your own questions to be answered by those who read the forum.

10. A choice of other competitions and tables to play at as your skills develop as a poker player

Best of all, as you develop as a beginner player there are other tournaments and competitions you can enter on a daily or weekly basis that will allow you to continue your development as a player and allow you to develop a new range of skills. Cash tables for example require different sets of skills to playing in tournaments, which require a different set of skills to Sit and Go games. On Sky Poker you can develop all these vital skills you need to become a better all-round Poker player.

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