The Top Three Tables Beginner Players Should Play at Bet365 Poker

If you are relative newcomer to the world of online poker, then you will want to gain several things from your experiences of playing online. Your first consideration should always be the cost of the game you are playing, then secondly you should focus on taking away from that session experience of playing online and perhaps a greater understanding of the complexities of the game.

Lastly, you should view any winnings as something of a bonus; there will be many far more experienced players at the tables than you and winning is not a given, no matter how talented or lucky a player you may be.

Yet it is entirely possible to vastly increase your chances of winning a sum each time you sit down for a few hands of poker by targeting the right games and tables to play at. In this article, we’ll check Bet365 Poker’s vast array of different tables and outline which of those are the best for beginners to start learning at most cheaply and cost effectively, while still providing them with a valuable and worthwhile poker experience.

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Sit & Go > Double Up > $1 to $5 Buy In Games (between 4 and 10 players per table)

Without doubt the best place to start playing for real cash on Bet365 Poker is at the Sit & Go Double Up tables. There are three different versions of these games, Turbo, Super Turbo and standard No Limits Hold’em. The only difference in game play between each is how fast the blinds increase The Standard Game sees blinds raised at seven-minute intervals, the Turbo game sees blinds raised every four minutes and the Super Turbo sees blinds increased every minute.

As a beginner, target the smaller tables of 4 to 6 players initially and also target the lower buy-in fee games of $1 to $5 initially, depending on your initial bankroll.

The best thing about these tables is that you don’t need to ‘win’ to double your money. If you finish in the top half of your table after other players are eliminated – then you double your stake money. So, if you enter a $5 NLH Double Up event for 6 players and you reach the final three players at the table, after three are eliminated, you’d win $10.

Top Tip: Play can be tight at these tables, so don’t immediately rush in and start trying to bully other players. Remember, play to preserve your chips, not increase them, but don’t be afraid to take on players when the cards are strongly in your favour.

Knock Out > Knock Out SNG’s > $1.50 Knockout to $5 Knockout Tables

Knock Out tables are known by different names on other sites, such as Bounty Hunter games for example. In this game the player pays a stated buy-in, for example $1.50. Of this money, $1.10 goes into the prize pot, $0.12 is the tournament fee paid to Bet365 Poker and $0.28 is the value placed on your head as a participant in the game.

Knockout events always consist of a single table of six players, with the top two players at the table earning a share of the prize fund. The top player earns 70% of the pot, while the player finishing second earns 30% of the pot.

However, you can still win cash if you don’t finish in the top two by knocking out another player. If you enter a hand and knock out a player, then their $0.28 bounty on their heads is yours to keep, but be aware, if you are knocked out, the player who knocks you out receives your $0.28 bounty. Finish in the top two, then you not only win your cash prize, but also keep your bounty too!

Top Tip: Loose players are good targets in these games. They may pick up a few hands cheaply, but catch them bluffing when you have good cards and you can really put yourself in a strong position to win their bounty whilst giving yourself a great chance of winning one of the two cash prizes.

Cash Tables > Texas Holdem > Any Microstakes Table £0.02/$0.04 to $0.10/$0.20

Experience at playing at a cash table, where there is no definitive end product, such as in a tournament or Sit & Go game, is vital to help you become a better, stronger all-round poker player and you can gain that experience, as well as potentially earn yourself a little extra cash at the microstakes Cash Tables on Bet365 Poker.

Play on cash tables is always very different to tournaments as there is no goal and the blinds do not increase. As such, they tend to appeal to players who like longer, more thought out games and who like to try and build their bankroll slowly over time.

Playing at a cash table is ideal when you are rushed for time, or don’t know how long you’ll be able to play for as you can stay for as long or as short amount of time as you like. As a beginner target the smaller stakes tables, but remember even on these tables, pot sizes can increase quickly when several players are involved and plenty of chips are being put into the pot.

Top Tip: You need to have a strong strategy to play well at a Cash Table, keep bluffing to a minimum, play with the odds in your favour and get used to folding poorer hands. Focus on building your stack slowly with smaller more frequent wins, especially when you are in position at the table. Be wary of going all-in too often, stronger players can easily detect when the cards are more in their favour than yours and will call you on it.

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