SkyBet Free Bet Club Explained

If you are a fan of sports betting, then it is always beneficial to receive a nice offer every once in a while. It is a pleasant feeling to be rewarded by a bookmaker simply for being loyal to them and wagering your hard-earned cash with them.

But SkyBet have recently lifted the bar when it comes to promotions and offers, by offering their punters a chance of earning a free bet of £5, every single week of the year, thanks to their exciting new Free Bet Club. 

SkyBet Free Bet Club – the basic premise

To qualify for the Free Bet Club you first need to opt into the club.

You do this by logging into your SkyBet account and then clicking on the Free Bet promotion. There will be a button that allows you to opt in. Click on that and you are now included in the promotion.

To remain part of the club you must then place a £5 or more accumulator bet which has combined odds of greater than 5/1. The bet must be placed before 23:59 GMT on the Sunday of each week.

The qualifying week runs from 00:01am on the Monday, through to 23:59 on the following Sunday.

For the purposes of this offer, SkyBet view an accumulator as any bet that contains two selections or more, both of which must win for the bet to succeed.

Once you make your £5 or more acca bet before the allotted time, SkyBet will then credit your account with a free £5 bet on the following Monday, by 7pm GMT.

To remain in the SkyBet Free Bet Club, you then need to place another £5 real money bet (you cannot use your free bet reward) on another 5/1 accumulator or more before the following Sunday, and so on.

If you miss placing your £5 real cash 5/1 or better accumulator bet in any week, you are removed from the Sky Bet Club and do not receive a free bet that week.

You can rejoin however, by placing a £10 bet on an accumulator with odds of 5/1 or greater.  Once you have rejoined, the minimum weekly bet requirement reverts back to £5.

In essence, what this means is that if you are willing to bet £5 on an accumulator each week, which has odds of more than 5/1, then you will qualify for another bet of £5 free of charge with SkyBet!

Why is this such a good offer?

Apart from the financial aspect, which is immediately apparent, this is a great offer for punters for many reasons.

Firstly, it rewards those punters who don’t necessarily spend a great deal of money every weekend, but who may spend just £5 in the week on their bets. Not only does it reward them, but essentially doubles their stake money.

The other reason it is such a good offer is because of the popularity of the qualifying bets. Acca’s or accumulator bets are very popular with sports betting fans as they are a popular form of low risk/high reward betting.

For example, if you want to place a bet on Manchester United beating Crystal Palace in the English Premier League, then you are not likely to find great odds on that as most bookmakers would believe that this is likely to be a relatively easy home win for United and the odds will reflect that.

However, if you include that match in an accumulator bet with one, two or more selections from other games, then the cumulative effect of placing the bet increases the odds of its success markedly.

For example, if you backed Manchester United to beat Crystal Palace at odds of 1/5, but paired that with a further two selections of Everton to draw with Liverpool at 13/2 and Manchester City to beat Arsenal at odds of even money, then the effective odds of that accumulator bet is 17/1.

Of course, you now need all three of your selections to be proven correct to win the bet but if you were going to put £10 on the selection, you would only win £12 (£10 stake returned plus £2 profit) backing Manchester United.

However, with the acca bet, you would win £180 (£10 stake returned plus £170 profit) if all three of your match selections prove correct.

The good news is there are a large number of acca bets that qualify for this offer across a wide range of sports and provided it has odds of 5/1 or better, and you wager at least £5, then you will qualify for the offer.  

Free Bet Club – the finer details

There is little else to remember about the SkyBet Free Bet Club offer, except that when you receive your free bet of £5 from Sky, you have a maximum of 7 days in which to use it. After that, the bet will be forfeited and you will not be able to use it.

In addition, if you do place a bet with your free £5 bet and it wins, you will not receive your stake back with this bet, only the winnings.

Lastly, you cannot withdraw your £5 free bet from your account, you have to use this cash as a bet.

You can make the most of your time at SkyBet by also taking advantage of a Sky no deposit bonus offer – click the link to find out more about new player bonus promos.

Free Bet Club – the conclusion

If you are looking for a top quality promotional offer from a reputable bookmaker based in the UK, then the Freebet Club from SkyBet is certainly well worth considering.

For a relatively modest outlay of £5 per week, you can effectively double the amount of cash you are betting with at no additional cost to yourself.

The only negative is that to qualify, your £5 bet must be on an accumulator and of odds of 5/1 or greater, which you will need to monitor closely using your SkyBet betting slip, which shows you the odds of your acca bet based on your selections, as well as what you will win if your selections come in.

So if you are an acca fan, SkyBet’s Free Bet Club is well worth a look, especially when you consider you can get a cracking Free Matched Bet of up to £30 when you join and make your first qualifying bet.