Sky Vegas Sky Poker Cash Giveaway

One of the biggest benefits of being a Sky Poker customer is that from one single registration through the Sky Poker site, you can gain access to the entire family of Sky gambling products, which includes Sky Bet, Sky Bingo and Sky Vegas.

It is this latter sister site which is of most interest as at the moment, Sky Vegas are giving away £1,000,000 – £20,000 per day up to the 21st April 2014 – as part of their £1m Cash Giveaway Promotion and as a Sky Poker player, you can get in on the action.

Not a Sky Poker customer? Not a problem – simply create a new account at the room to unlock all the benefits, including a £20 Sky Poker no deposit bonus available to new accounts.

Sky Vegas £1 Million Cash Giveaway – the details

The great thing about this giveaway is that there are no skills or special requirements needed in order to give yourself a chance of winning. You don’t even need to opt in to the promotion as you are automatically entered once you have achieved the qualification criteria for any given day.

The promotion is organised thus; visit Sky Vegas and start playing on either slot games or table games. The site has a vast choice of games of both types to choose from and all you need to do is play at the tables. For every £10 you wager on slot games, or £50 you wager on table games, Sky Vegas award you a ticket for the next draw.

So if you spend £100 on slot games, then you earn yourself 10 tickets in the next daily draw.  The more tickets you have, the more chances you have of winning one of the big daily prizes.

There are currently 1056 daily draw prizes available split into the following awards:

  • A single daily top prize of £5,000
  • Five runners up prizes of £500
  • Fifty prizes of £50
  • A thousand prizes of £10

The draw is made each day automatically and if you win a prize, you will be notified by Sky Vegas and the money credited to your account within 48 hours of you being awarded a prize.

The one proviso is that when Sky Vegas award you your money, you have 30 days to either wager the cash on the site, or withdraw it into a bank account or similar, otherwise your award cash will be forfeited.

Do I need to deposit money to earn tickets?

No, if you already have money in your account and use it and win money playing either a slot or table game, then you can use your winnings to earn yourself more tickets. This promotion is not dependent on the user generating all their tickets from additional deposits.

This is an important point as it means that a player can deposit a relatively small amount and if they play games on the site and win money, they can earn more tickets for the promotion by wagering their winnings, rather than having to deposit more cash.

A ticker bar on the site also shows details of players who have won bonuses and how many tickets they won together with information on some players on how much they initially deposited. For example, one winner, Maray from Livingston won £500 from just 10 tickets and a £20 deposit into her account.

Remember too that you can use funds to play on the Sky Vegas website from your poker balance if you prefer to do so, using money between any of the four gambling sites part of the Sky network is extremely easy and quick to do.

The Golden Jackpot

In addition to the daily prizes of £20,000 there is a special £100,000 Golden Jackpot up for grabs at the end of the promotional period and qualification for this jackpot runs in a similar way to the daily prize.

Players on Sky Poker earn a Golden Ticket for every 1,000 Daily Draw tickets they earn over the course of the qualifying period. Each Golden Ticket they earn gives them one entry into the £100,000 Golden Jackpot draw, the draw for which will be made at the end of the promotional period on the 22nd April 2014 with one winner pocketing the £100,000 jackpot.

Winners will be notified within 48 hours of the draw and all winnings must be used on the site or withdrawn from the account within 30 days or they will be forfeited. 

With Sky Poker being part of the Sky network of gambling sites, there is always likely to be a high crossover of players who enjoy playing poker and use this part of the site, but who also enjoy a wager on the Sky Vegas site, or who may also enjoy a bet using Sky Bet or similar.

This crossover means that there is likely to be a large number of Sky Poker players who would be interested in this new offer and who could use their cash to give themselves an extra chance of earning cash over the course of the promotion.

The Sky Vegas site boasts a host of top slots to play, all of which can be played as part of the promotion, with the Sky Vegas software automatically keeping track of how much you spend each day in order to work out how many daily tickets you are due.

The site does feature a host of progressive jackpot slots too including Millionaires Club and Sky Millions, which both pay into the same progressive jackpot and which often have the largest jackpot available on the site.

Other progressive games include The Pig Wizard, Viz Slot, Rumble in the Jungle and the popular Deal Or No Deal Slot.

In addition to progressive games, Sky Vegas also has a number of video slots including Kronos, Spartacus Gladiator of Rome, Kiss, Bruce Lee, Zeus, The Wizard of Oz, Western Belles, King of Africa and many more.

Slots certainly offer the best and quickest way to earn tickets with just £10 needing to be spent to earn a daily ticket.

Table games see users required to spend £50 in wagers, but of course, some table games such as blackjack, offer the player a much greater chance of a win than on the slots. The Sky Vegas site offers a wide number of table games to play as part of the promotion including Baccarat, 3 Card Brag, Blackjack and more.

So why not use your Sky membership for more than Poker and see if you can get yourself a little extra cash as a winner in Sky Vegas £1m Cash Giveaway.

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