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Winning a jackpot of £250,000 is not something that comes along too often, yet if you are a member of the Sky Poker or SkyBet websites – or any of their sister sites like Sky Vegas or Sky Bingo – then you could be so lucky.

If you would like to know how to play for a jackpot of at least £250,000 (some weeks, it is boosted to £1,000,000) completely free of charge, read on to learn about Sky’s Soccer Saturday Super Six prediction game.

Soccer Saturday Super Six – the history

The history of Soccer Saturday Super Six stems from the popular Gillette Soccer Saturday television show, where each week host Jeff Stelling and his four panelists would preview the days Premier League matches and give their predictions of the scoreline in each.

Of course, predicting scores is a contentious issue, and pundits would be mocked for their poor predictions, or applauded for getting it right. People at home would of course have their own opinions too.

From that, the Super 6 game developed, with Sky picking the top six games of the weekend being played at 3pm on a Saturday. Occasionally lower league games are featured if there are no or not enough Premier League games being played at that time.

To entice people to play, Sky Sports made the game free and offered a jackpot of £250,000 for any person that is able to correctly predict the correct score in the six featured games on the coupon.

If the jackpot it not won on any week, the player who correctly predicts the correct score of most games, wins a consolation prize of at least £5,000.

How do I play Soccer Saturday Super Six?

Once you have logged into your SkySports Super Six account, you are presented with their choice of six games being played at 3pm on the forthcoming Saturday.

Simply use the up and down arrows to select the correct score for each game.

The only other thing to consider is the tiebreaker, which is used in the event of two players achieving the same number of correct predictions. The tiebreaker is simply to predict the minute that the first goal is scored in any of the six games above.

In the event of a tie-break for the jackpot or the consolation prize, the player whose prediction most closely matches the time of the first goal, will then be declared the winner.

Once you have completed this, simply click the submit button and provided you have completed this before the 3pm cut off point on Saturday, your entry will be submitted and all you need to do now is sit back and watch how the results unfold. 

Do I qualify to enter the competition?

If you are a SkyBet, Sky Poker, Sky Casino or Sky Bingo account holder, then you are eligible to enter the Soccer Saturday Super 6 competition completely free of charge every weekend.

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When you registered with Sky, you will have sent them your email and you should receive an email each week (unless you have opted out) from Sky outlining this week’s Super 6 promotion and which games are featured.

You will need to register at first with the Super 6 website ( but once you are registered, you are then free to play each week using the same log in details as your betting, casino, bingo or poker account.

If you are not yet a Sky customer for their online gambling services, then you are not eligible to enter, unless you are a Sky Television customer, with access to the Sky Sports channels.

If you are, then people who have subscribed to Sky Sports, can enter the competition free of charge if they register for the Super 6 website via their red button on their remote control.

All entries must be finalised and submitted to the site just before 3pm each Saturday afternoon.

What are the prizes on offer?

Each week the Super 6 jackpot is usually £250,000 for any person who correctly predicts the scorelines in each of the six matches on this week’s coupon.

In the very unlikely event of two or more people predicting all six results accurately, there is a tie-breaker in operation, with the player who most closely predicts the minute of the first goal in any of the six games on the coupon, being declared the winner.

If there is no outright winner of the jackpot that week, then a consolation prize of at least £5,000 is awarded to the player who predicts the scores of most games correctly.

So for example, if no players correctly predict all six results, but one player predicts five results correctly, that player would win the consolation prize.

It is worth keeping tuned into Sky Sports Gillette Soccer Saturday however, as when host Jeff Stelling announces this week’s winner at around 5pm after the games have been completed, he may arbitrarily, or due to urging by the panellists on the show, increase the amount the lucky winner receives.

For example, on Saturday 1st February, the winner who received the £5,000 first prize, actually received an additional £1,000 when Jeff was urged to increase his prize by the panellists.

The £1 Million Weekends

Occasionally, Sky Sports may decide to hold a special promotional weekend for the Soccer 6 and when they do so, the jackpot prize for that weekend is increased fourfold, meaning that if you are the only player to predict all six results correctly, you will win £1,000,000.

The amount a player wins as a consolation prize is also increased, usually to around £10,000 for the lucky winner.

These weekends only happen a few times each season, but it is well worth keeping your eyes open for any that so occur to ensure you get your predictions in.

How can I play?

It is easier than ever to play Sky Soccer Saturday Super 6.

Simply visit the SkyBet website and log into your account using your username and pincode. Once entered, check the section Football Coupons and near the foot of the list you will see a link entitled “Play Super 6”.

Then just follow this link and then click the red “Play Now” button

This takes you to that weeks six-game coupon so you can enter your selections.

You can also now download an app for your smartphone and tablet which will log you in and directly take you to the Super 6 menu, allowing you to enter your choices while out and about.

Remember, your choices must be logged in before the 3pm kick off time on each Saturday afternoon to qualify for the competition.

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