In Spring 2013, Sky Poker began to look at aspects of their site that could be improved as part of a major drive towards attracting new customers and retaining their current crop of players.

Several aspects of the site have already seen improvements rolled out, such as the new and improved Cash Table software.

Another aspect of the site that has had a makeover is the Sky Poker Rewards Scheme, formerly known as the Cash for Points scheme.

In this article, we’ll examine how the new scheme is structured and organised and how players at Sky Poker can take advantage of the different levels of rewards available.

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What is the Sky Poker Rewards Scheme?

The scheme is a way for Sky Poker to reward customers who play at their cash tables and in their Sit & Go games and Tournaments on a regular basis. It is a loyalty scheme where players are rewarded each time they contribute cash to the Sky Poker coffers, either in the form of a rake on the cash tables, or in their entrance fees to Sit & Go or Tournament games.

For each bet or buy-in a player makes to play in any of the above games, they will earn themselves Poker Points. The amount of points you earn is scaled depending on how much you pay either as the rake in a cash game, or as part of your buy-in for a Sit & Go or Tournament.

The more of these tournaments and bets you make on the site, the more Poker Points you will earn.

As you accumulate Poker Points over the course of a month, the rewards that you are then eligible for increases. Each scheme starts on the 1st of each month and runs until the end of that calendar month. The amount of points you have earned is then converted into a reward depending on how many you have accumulated.

Your reward is then paid to you by the fifth business day following the end of the Calendar month. Remember that Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days.

The scheme runs concurrently, meaning that as soon as one month’s reward scheme finishes on the last day of the month, the next one starts on the 1st immediately.

As a Sky Poker customer, am I automatically a part of the Sky Poker Rewards scheme?

No, if you have not visited your account’s Free Bets page and entered the code ‘REWARDS’ into the appropriate box, then you will not have been admitted onto the scheme.

However, if you were in the previous Sky rewards scheme (Cash for Points), then you will have automatically been enrolled in the new scheme and you don’t need to re-enter the code.

If you are in any doubt, then simply visit your homepage and enter the code above anyway to confirm you have joined the scheme.

What are the new Sky Poker Rewards available to players?

For new players and less frequent poker fans, it is important to note that you can only start earning Sky Poker Rewards once you have accrued 100 Poker Points in a month or more. If you do not earn this many points in a month, then you will not earn anything from the scheme that month.

There are two levels of rewards on offer for players, the lower level Rewards scheme and the higher level Priority Rewards.

The Rewards and Priority Rewards levels are each split into three different types of awards; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Thresholds & Awards

The Award Threshold is as follows:

  • Sky Poker Bronze Reward from 100 to 2,999 points 1p per Poker Point
  • Sky Poker Silver Reward from 3000 to 4,999 points 1.5p per Poker Point
  • Sky Poker Gold Reward from 5000 to 9,999 points 2p per Poker Point
  • Priority Bronze Reward from 10,000 to 19,999 points 20% rakeback & benefits
  • Priority Silver Reward from 20,000 to 29,999 points 25% rakeback & benefits
  • Priority Gold Reward 30,000 points upwards 30% rakeback & benefits

Therefore, a lower spending, lower stakes player who earns 319 Sky Poker points in a month would qualify for the Sky Poker Bronze Reward and earn 1p per Poker point for Sky Poker Reward of £3 the following month.

However a bigger spending Sky Poker customer who earns 25,192 points in a month would qualify for the Priority Silver Reward, earning 25% rakeback as well as several other benefits for qualifying for the Priority Rewards scheme. This includes exclusive promotions and tournaments only for Priority club members as well as receiving your bonus payment on the 1st business day of each month.

Do any unused points I accrue rollover into the next month?

No, if you don’t use up any points earned in the month they have been earned, these points are lost at the end of that month. Every player in the scheme starts each month with zero Poker Points earned.

It is also worth nothing that in calculating rewards, Sky Poker always round down to the nearest 100, so if a player has earned 1492 poker points, they would be paid out as per 1,400 poker points.

The verdict

Since the Cash for Points scheme was phased out in April, the new Sky Poker Rewards Scheme has filled that gap nicely. Like all rewards schemes, it is weighted towards the higher-stakes, regular players but there is enough flexibility in the scheme to allow players who don’t wager as much or play as often, still earn a little of their cash back each month.

So remember, if you want to opt in to the Sky Rewards scheme, go to your account details and locate the Free Bets page and enter the code ‘REWARDS’ to be automatically opted into the scheme every month from then onwards.