Sky Poker Mobile App

A couple of weeks ago, we broke the news that Sky Poker had somewhat furtively released a work-in-progress version of their long-awaited mobile poker product. The announcement was hidden away on the Community pages and access to the site was via a browser on a mobile device.

After this announcement, the Sky Poker community have been logging into the mobile site and playing on their iPhone, iPads and Android devices and have reported back to Sky with any bugs and problems they have encountered and now Sky Mobile Poker is being launched ‘officially’ across the site.

The announcement came last week when all customers received an email from Sky Poker announcing that they could now play poker on the site via their mobile device. Within the email and on the specially dedicated page on the site, many of the answers about the Sky Poker mobile product, and the soon to be released app, were revealed.

Below, we answer a couple of questions players might have regarding accessing Sky Poker via a mobile device.

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Is there an app or will Sky Poker players use a browser to access the site?

For the time being, if you wish to try out Sky Poker via a mobile device, then you need to visit the site and log in via a browser on your mobile. Safari (on iOS devices) or any equivalent browser on Android devices will do the trick.

However, there is set to be a dedicated app for both Apple and Android devices released, which will be freely downloadable from all the usual outlets, as well as on the Sky Poker site.

The actual release date of the Sky Poker Mobile app is not yet confirmed, although Sky Poker have revealed that “we are working on with a delivery date in the near future.”

What Sky Poker games are available on Sky Poker Mobile Beta?

Sky have now confirmed officially that every single Sky Poker game that you can play from your desktop PC via the Sky Poker website can now be accessed and played from a mobile device.

This includes not just Cash Games, Sit & Go and Tournament events, but also Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo games, as well as Free Play poker too.

This is a massively important announcement given the dearth of sites that offer the full range of poker products and is a hugely exciting one for mobile poker fans, especially if you are based in the UK and enjoy playing Sky Poker’s range of games.

It is safe to assume then that you will now be able to play on the Live TV Cash Tables from your mobile device too, which gives this aspect of the site another dimension.

What is important to note is that this is a Beta release and as such, Sky Poker have repeatedly warned customers that this is not the finished product. There may well be some issues with the software, bugs and problems that users encounter from time to time.

However, Sky Poker do ask all users who trial the mobile version of the game to contact them with any details of issues they faces, so they can set their development team to work on correcting these issues for the final, full release date in the near future.

Launching a tournament

One difference people who use the Beta version of the software have discovered, compared to playing on site, is that when you register for a tournament, you must remain in the lobby until the game starts in order for the software to seat you at the table.

Unlike the website software, which automatically launches no matter where you are on the site, at the moment the Beta version does not work in this way and so a player has to remain in the lobby for the software to kick in at the tournament start time.

If the tournament doesn’t automatically start though, you can manually launch the tournament instead by navigating to the My Tables section of the site in the My Sky Poker tab.

This will show you a list of current tournaments you are playing in and will allow you to fire up the tournament.

Compatible devices and browsers

One of the most impressive aspsects about the Sky Poker Mobile Beta site is the sheer number of devices that it has been tested on and works (at least for the most part) on.

For Apple devices, you can play on any iPad from iPad 2 onwards, any iPhone from iPhone 3GS on and any 4th generation and above iPod touch that runs iOS 5.0 or above.

For Android devices, most a devices that are able to log into SkyPoker via a browser (such as Chrome) may be able to use the site.

Specifically, Sky Poker have tested several popular Android handsets and have found that following devices running Android 2.3 or above work with the site:

  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Motorola Droid RAZR
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Desire
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X13
  • Ace Liquid A1

Sky Poker have found that Android users do experience additional issues when playing via the Android Internet browser, so they do advise users to play the Beta site using Chrome for the time being.

What limitations are there?

The biggest limitation of the Sky Poker Mobile Beta software is the ability to multi-table and while two tables can be loaded at once, the notifications to act on a table do not work concurrently, which means there can be issues with playing on two tables at one time.

As such, at the present time Sky Poker are advising players to play only on one table through a mobile device.

Feedback on Sky Poker Mobile Beta

If you encounter an issue when playing Sky Poker Mobile Beta, then you can send your feedback, comments and other suggestions to Sky in one of two ways.

Either visit the Community section of the Sky Poker site and leave your comments in the relevant section, or you can email the Customer Care team direct with your observations.

For mobile poker fans, the new Sky Poker app is promising to deliver a top notch product and it is an exciting time for members of the site who have been waiting for a considerable time to play Sky Poker via mobile.

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