Sky Poker Mobile iPad App

After many months waiting, iPad owners finally got the news that they were looking for last week when Sky Poker revealed that they now had a working version of their eagerly-anticipated iPad app ready for download from the App Store.

However, after downloading the app, you will soon find out that while the app is certainly working, it is not yet fully complete as there are many items currently missing from the app, especially when compared to playing Sky Poker from a browser on the same device.

Let’s take a look at what the app currently has available on it as well as taking a look at some of the features that are, as yet, unavailable to access through the download.

Sky Poker app content

The first thing you note on the app is that it contains versions of Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha-Hi Lo poker, which is a positive as many apps only tend to offer Texas Hold’em. You can also access the Sky Poker TV channel directly through the app, which is another positive as the TV channel does have plenty of excellent programs that are idea for players of all abilities.

The ‘Play Now’ feature is a time saving option that allows you to log in to Sky Poker via the app and then find a cash table within a few seconds that suits your current level of bankroll. Of course, this is an automated service and saves users searching through the tables to find one available to play at.

It has to be said though, many cash table players like to search through the available tables to find one that is playing with the required pot size, percentage to pot and hands per hour, so this part of the app is only really useful for mobile players who want to start playing as quickly as possible.

When it comes to games, at the moment you can only play cash table games on the app, though a large number of games at different blind levels are available to suit players of all budgets.

The app also boasts all the features you can access when you play the cash tables from the desktop, such as auto top up and you can also access all the details pertaining to your account history, such as any deposits and withdrawals that you have made to and from your account, either from your mobile device or also via a desktop.

You can also gain access to Sky Poker’s excellent poker forum and the sites many promotions directly from the app.

As a release day app goes, the Sky Poker app is a decent offering, but there is a palpable feeling that the app isn’t quite what Sky Poker customers, including the many who want to play via iPad, wanted it to be.

This general feeling is not so much because of what is on the app, but more because of what is not yet available on it.

Sky Poker app forthcoming content

Of course, the big omission on the app at the moment is the omission of any Sit & Go or Multi Table Tournament games. To be honest, this is a big disappointment, especially when the browser version of the site allows the user to play both these types of games from an iPad relatively easily.

Indeed, without these options, the app is certainly lacking in the long term appeal. However the good news for Sky Poker customers who want to play on the site from their iPad is that Sky Poker have confirmed that in future upgrades to the app, Sit & Go games and MTTs will be made available.

Another issue is that the app is only available on iPad at present. The app will not yet work with the iPhone. Again this is a big disappointment to the myriad of players who want to play via an iPhone, but Sky Poker have once again stated that they will soon be releasing a dedicated Sky Poker app for iPhone shortly. In terms of timescale, Sky Poker have said the iPhone App will be available “in the coming weeks.”

If you are wondering if a similar app will be made for Android tablets and phones then at present this is unlikely. Sky Poker have stated that due to Google Play’s restrictions on carrying apps that have anything to do with gambling, that they will not be developing an Android app specifically, but that Android users can still access the site and play all the featured poker games via a browser.

When these matters are resolved and the app offers access to Sky Poker’s Sit & Go and MTTs as well as access from an iPhone, then the app will start to deliver a far more rounded and appealing service to Sky Poker users.

For the time being however, to get the most out of the Sky Poker mobile experience, it is still more prudent to log into the site via a browser as you then have the full range of Sky Poker games available to play, rather than just the cash tables as available in the app.

That’s not all the additional content due over the coming weeks and months. Sky Poker have said that they are going to be adding a Sky Poker Rewards progress meter to the app software to enable users to see how close they are to their next monthly reward and perhaps most ambitiously, Sky Poker are working on allowing both iPhone and iPad devices to open and play multiple tables at once.

This would be a significant upgrade, even on the browser site, as at the moment you cannot multi table on a mobile device even if you access the site via a browser.

One small point to remember is that unless you grant the app access to your location services, then you won’t be able to play. The reason for this is because Sky Poker can only be used by people in certain geographic locations (UK, Ireland, Finland, Gibraltar and the Channel Islands) and your location service will allow them to check you are in these permitted areas.

Sky Poker mobile app – is it worth downloading now?

So what is the verdict? Is the app worth downloading now, or should you wait until it is more fully completed?

Personally, I feel the Sky Poker app is worth downloading but only if you are a cash table regular. In this respect, the app is quick and easy and offers quick access to the games that is more convenient than using the browser on your iPad.

However, the lack of gaming options at present means that if you want to play any other form of Sky Poker game, I’d still access the site via the browser for the time being.

I would still download the app however, I can’t see most Sky Poker players using it extensively until it offers more of the different poker games, multi tabling and an iPhone app that works.

When it does though, it is likely to be one of the very best poker apps available for a dedicated UK poker player who wants to play via mobile.

If you aren’t a customer of Sky Poker, you’ll of course want to sign up first. Creating an account is fast and easy, and new players can get a £10 free poker bankroll using a Sky Poker no deposit bonus code.