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One of the most intriguing, but often overlooked aspects of the Sky Poker site is the Sky Poker Community. This forum allows registered members of Sky Poker to post their thoughts and comments about a wide range of poker activities and discussions. It also serves as a way for players on the site to come up with their own challenges, in addition to participating in any number of the sites tournaments, sit & go and cash table games.

Without doubt one of the most popular player-inspired challenges is the Double Your Money  (DYM) challenge which sees players ready to take up this innovative challenge, attempt to turn just 60p into a maximum win of £200.

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The DYM Laddering Challenge

The DYM Laddering challenge is based on the Sky Poker Sit & Go Double Your Money tables, of which there are 12 different levels of play based upon the buy in level.

To win on the Double Your Money tables, you must finish in the top three of the six players seated at the table. If you do, then whatever the entry fee you paid to enter the tournament, is doubled.

The aim of the challenge is to start at the lowest buy in table, of 60p and to finish in the top three to double your money. You then use this cash to pay for your entry into the next level of event (£1.15) and once again, you have to finish in the top three to progress to the next level.

As you progress through the levels, you must win at the DYM table otherwise you need to restart the challenge from the lowest stage.

The stages you need to progress through are shown below:

  • Level 1 – 60p
  • Level 2 – £1.15
  • Level 3 – £2.25
  • Level 4 – £3.30
  • Level 5 – £5.50
  • Level 6 – £11
  • Level 7 – £16.50
  • Level 8 – £22
  • Level 9 – £33
  • Level 10 – £55
  • Level 11 – £82.50
  • Level 12 – £110

While several people make it through the first half of the levels relatively easily, it is much tougher to progress through the later levels as they tend to be where the better and more experienced poker players will play, if they are attempting to win cash on the DYM tables.

The good news for Sky Poker customers is that there is no official entry into this event, simply load up the first DYM room, pay your 60p and if you finish in the money, move onto Level 2. Use the DYM Laddering thread in the community to report on how you are doing and any successes or failures that you have had.

The challenge has enjoyed great popularity in the past, with hundreds of players attempting it, but it does seem quieter now, meaning that you may never have a better chance of completing the challenge and becoming one of the few players to achieve success over all 12 levels, consecutively.

The Sky Poker Community – More than a collection of challenges

This challenge is a perfect example of how a poker community can come together and by using the existing software on the site and without disregarding any of the rules of the site, can develop challenges within the community.

Indeed, the Sky Community tab is well worth exploring in more detail. Not only are other challenges awaiting the reader, but there are a whole host of different forum topics which are discussed daily, ranging from poker tips, feedback and chat, to discussions about your favourite football team, the Sky Poker TV Channel and links to popular poker blogs and the latest tournament results from the Sky Poker site.

As a new player, or even an intermediate player seeking to take the next step in their game, one of the strongest and most impressive aspects of the community tab is The Poker Clinic.

This section allows users to post their hands onto the site where their decisions will be looked at by any number of players with advice posted as to what they should, or should not have done.

This form of “crowd-sourcing” for information can be utterly invaluable to the novice player as it allows more experienced players to explain why the decisions the novice has taken were wrong as well as explaining why the right decision would have turned out more profitable for them.

As a diagnostic tool for your poker game, this kind of expert information is invaluable, as are the discussions that follow you posting a comment where some of the best players on the site will debate over what action should have been taken and what the player should do next time.

Tournament Results

Another useful aspect of the community along with diagnosis of your poker game and challenges to keep you playing on the site is the ability to review tournament results. A dedicated tab lists all the main tournament results for 2013 and if you have ever wondered who are the players who win the big events on the site, then this will be of great value to you.

Simply perusing the list you will quickly discover that the same names seem to crop up regularly winning events on the site and when playing against them at the tables, you will not make the mistake of thinking they are a newbie or novice and thus susceptible to bluffing or unable to make the correct call in a given situation.

So give Sky Poker’s Community tab more than just a fleeting glance. There is a lot of great information in there, some fantastic threads you can become part of and the chance to gain a real in depth understanding of your game from some of the best poker players on site.

Then when you have done all that, you may even stand a much better chance of taking on one of the Community challenges, such as the DYM Laddering Challenge, and becoming one of the few players on the site to complete it.

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