Everybody likes to get something for nothing, it is one of the perks of joining an online sports betting site like Coral that when you sign up, you will get a nice new player deposit bonus to help you enjoy yourself on the site.

The only problem is that these starter bonuses don’t last forever and when they are gone, they are gone. So how would you like to receive a bonus of £10 worth of free bets every single week that you wager on a site? If that sounds like something you’d be interested in then you need to get yourself logged into Coral and become a member of the sites Bet and Get Club.

Here’s everything you need to know about signing up with Bet and Get Club with Coral and how you can go about claiming £10 worth of free bets every week as a member.

How do I opt in?

If you are a new customer or one that has not yet opted in to Coral’s Bet and Get Club then you can sign up quickly and easily by heading over to the Bet and Get Club promotional page. Here you can Opt In by clicking on the button. Once you have opted in to the club, you remain a member, unless you decide to opt out of the club at a later date (but why would you?)

The good news is that even if you don’t take advantage of the free £10 worth of bets each week as a member of the Bet and Get Club, your membership does not expire. So, there’s no need to keep opting in to the promotion each week you want to get your free bets, as once you’ve opted in, you will be a member for as long as you want to be.

How do I qualify for my £10 worth of Free Bets with Coral Bet and Get Club?

There are two ways you can qualify for your £10 of Free Bets with Coral Bet and Get Club each week.

  • Online

To qualify online all you need to do once you are a member of the club is to place £25 worth of bets in total, online, between Monday and Thursday each week on any sports markets with each individual bet being at even money or greater. All your qualifying bets must be settled before 23:59 on Thursday night in order to qualify for the offer.

  • In Coral Shops

You can also use your Coral Connect Card in any Coral Shop in the UK to qualify for this offer. Again, simply place £25 worth of sports bets from Monday to Thursday each week, at odds of evens or greater, in shop using the Coral Connect Card and when you do, you will be eligible for your £10 worth of free bets.

Provided you place your bets in the time frame outlined above (00:00 Monday to 23:59 Thursday) and your bets are all finalised by 23:59 on the Thursday, then you will be eligible to receive your £10 worth of free bets which come as a £5 free online bet and a £5 free in-shop bet using your Coral Connect Card.

I don’t have a Coral Connect Card as yet, should I get one before joining Coral Bet and Get Club?Coral Connect explained

While you don’t have to, it is advisable to get yourself a Coral Connect Card before joining the Bet and Get Club, simply to afford you the ability to get your hands on both your free £5 bets each week. Furthermore, having a Coral Connect Card allows you to wager in shop using your online account quickly and easily and you can even add cash to your online account in store using the card.

You can apply for a Coral Connect Card quickly and easily on the Coral site by using the links to the service. This is not a credit card and no credit check is required in order for you to obtain one of the cards.

Do I need to place my £25 worth of bets in one transaction?

No, you can place your £25 worth of bets in any number of transactions provided that they are made between Monday and Thursday, the bet is finalised before 23:59 on Thursday and that all your qualifying bets are made on markets of even money or greater.

This means you can place five qualifying bets of £5, two £10 bets and one £5 bet or indeed 25 £1 bets if you prefer. The number, size and make up of bets is entirely your choice.

What about bets made containing multiple selections, such as Lucky 15, Canadians or Accumulators?

If you place a bet that has more than one selection then the rules for this bet to qualify for the Bet and Get Club are very simple.

For multiple selection bets that have multiple lines (such as Lucky 15 or 31 bets or Yankees, Canadians or similar) each selection in your multiple bet must be of even money or greater.

For an accumulator bet of a single line, then your cumulative bet odds must be greater than even money, even if some of the selections in your accumulator are of odds less than even money.

What happens if I bet £10 in shop using my Coral Connect Card and £15 online?

In this case, you would not qualify for the free bets as your £25 worth of bets must be completed using either online or in shop options for the full amount. To qualify for a free bet in this case you would need to make either a further £15 worth of bets in shop or £10 worth of bets online.

What are some good bets for me to join Coral’s Bet and Get Club this week?

So if you are convinced by what Coral Bet and Get Club has to offer, then why not Opt In and start enjoying the benefits today? Remember to apply for a Coral Connect Card if you do not yet have one and then if you are looking for some bets across Wednesday and Thursday to qualify for this offer, then why not have a flutter on these?

  • Carabao Cup – Chelsea v Arsenal – Draw at 29/10
  • Checkatrade Trophy – Shrewsbury v Blackpool – Home Win at 5/4
  • Copa del Rey – Levante v Espanyol – Draw at 19/10
  • Copa del Rey – Barcelona v Celta Vigo – Barcelona to win and both teams to score – 6/5
  • 45 Kempton – Albishr to win – 9/4

A £5 bet on each of these would qualify you with your £25 worth of bets to earn your free £10 of bets next week. So why not have a flutter today and join Coral Sports most rewarding long term offer.