Sky Poker UK Software Review

Towards the end of 2013, Sky Poker updated the poker software that runs its cash game tables and then a few months later, the changes were rolled out to the Sit & Go and Tournament tables too.

The move seems to have been precipitated by Sky Poker wanting its new tables to be mobile-compatible, as opposed to the older tables which are not. However, the changes to the software have been far more wide-reaching than simply altering the code to make the games playable on mobile poker devices.

The upshot of this is that the new poker table software is very different to the old and in this article, we’ll take a look at the new software and how Sky Poker have made changes that will hopefully enhance the playing experience.

Sky Poker new poker software improvements

Some of the major changes that have been made to the Sky Poker software are shown below.

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Redesign of the betting buttons and operation

Not only are the buttons now colour coded, which makes it easier on the eye, you can now use the mouse wheel to raise your bet , rather than using the slider, or you can use the ↑ or ↓ buttons on the keyboard to achieve the same effect.

It is also now easier to make notes on every player simply by clicking their avatar. When you do a note will appear which allows you to edit or add information about the player in question.

This is very useful for when you have identified a key strength or weakness in a specific players game.

Resizable windows and other features

One of the most frustrating aspects of the original Sky Poker software was that you could not change the default size of the table.

Thankfully, the new software resolves this.

You can now easily tile multiple tables too and thanks to responsive design, the software will automatically pick the optimal place to put the chat menu, betting bars etc, depending on the size of screen you select.

Players can also now post card information using pictures rather than text in the chat box, simply by using the text shortcut for each card. For example, (9h) would bring up a picture of the 9 of hearts in the chat box.

When playing multiple tables, there is now an auto focus feature that flashes the table when it is your turn to act on it allowing you to monitor which table needs your attention next more easily.

The preferred seating option also allows you to select which seats at the table in heads up, 6-seat or 9-seat tables, that you prefer to play from and you can save these as your defaults.

New avatar and card design

In addition to the actual playing area being given a fresh new look, the new software also boasts a host of new avatars which players can select to represent them in their information.

The new design also includes new card designs, including a new Omaha Deck, which offers a more compact suit designed to be easier on the eye for Omaha players (these can be used in Texas Hold’em games without any problems).

What Sky have done well with all these improvements is retain the positive elements of the older version of the software (its speed, reliability and ease of use) and to retain its identity.

Although this new software looks different, it is still very clear that this is a Sky Poker game, so while the design overhaul may be radical, the identity of the site has not been lost in the process.

Do the improvements work?

While the above list is not exhaustive and there are many smaller-scale improvements that have been made to the software, the overall conclusion you can draw about the improvements is that they have made playing on Sky Poker much more appealing.

When playing on the site, certain aspects of the improvements are immediately noticeable. The redesign is cleaner and has better visuals than the older software. The avatars are better and more detailed, the animations are crisp and smooth and still retain the speed of the old site.

Furthermore, the huge bonus that you can now resize your window means an end to having to stare at one-size of screen while you play and for players who grind on multiple tables, this means Sky Poker is now a viable platform on which to play. 

The responsive design element of the resizing of tables means that all the key information is still clearly shown while the auto focus feature means the table that needs your attention will flash until you get it.

The upshot of the changes is that the new poker software is cleaner and fresher than the older version and certainly looks more in keeping with a 21st century poker game. The older client, while perfectly functional, did have limitations and did look dated. This new software radically addresses these issues while adding mobile compatibility too.

So yes, the improvements do work and they do so very well, the redesign and improvements have made Sky Poker an even more attractive site to play poker on. 

The future for Sky Poker?

While all the above changes have been implemented into the new software, it is important to point out that for the time being, Sky Poker are currently offering players the opportunity to remain playing at the old style table, or to trial the new style.

Games have a choice of tournament (old style) and new tournament tables to open, so you can still play the older version of the software, though this is reportedly being phased out over the next few months.

For the most part, the myriad of changes on Sky Poker looks a real positive and gives the site a fresh new, and certainly more modern look and of course, perhaps critically for the sites future development, is now compatible with mobile devices.

The sweeping changes to the software on Sky Poker have created an improved poker experience, one fitting the 21st century. The new software is undeniably a big improvement on the older versions.

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