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GamCare is an organization that offers treatment and help to those people who are problem gamblers, and the families of problem gamblers. GamCare creates awareness about how to gamble responsibly in the gambling industry. GamCare both deals with individuals, and is also involved in research regarding gambling problems.

Non-Judgmental Help for Problem Gamblers

GamCare has made sure to offer non-judgmental help for those with gambling problems in order to make it easier for those who need their help to contact the organization. The organization does not seek to prevent those who are gambling responsibly and legally from participating in gambling, however, it is there for those who are unable to see gambling as a leisure time activity and have become dependent on it in one way or another.

How to Contact GamCare

GamCare can be contacted in a number of ways. It is possible to contact GamCare via online helplines, and also by telephone. Those who need to services of GamCare will be offered free counseling, which can be either face to face, or it can take place online. Although face to face counseling is not yet available all over the United Kingdom, it is already available in many areas, and GamCare strives to increase the number of places where it can offer its services locally.

The support is offered and encouraged for those who have gambling problems, and to those whose lives are impacted by the person with gambling problems, such as the family members of the said person.

GamCare Certification

GamCare works towards getting those that offer gambling, such as online gambling sites, to offer their players a responsible gaming experience. GamCare has outlined responsible gambling policies and practices that should be used as guidelines for those who are in the gambling industry.

GamCare offers certification for those gambling operations, both land based and online gambling operations, that offer options such as age verification, self exclusion options, staff trained to recognize gambling problems, and a way to facilitate both time and financial limits on the players gambling. The gambling operation would also need to display information regarding responsible gambling, and would need to offer its players information of where to find help should they need it. When a gambling operation has complied with all these conditions, they will then receive the prestigious GamCare Certification.

GamCare strongly suggests that players only play at gambling venues or online gambling operations that clearly offer responsible gambling policies and a responsible gambling program.

GamCare and Gambling Law

GamCare has been involved in providing input and communicating with various government bodies and gambling organizations for some time now. This includes gambling regulating authorities, such as the Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom.

Responsible Gambling: List of Points to Remember

GamCare offers a list of advice and points to remember for those taking part in gambling activities. These points cover questions regarding money, limits, and more. Advice notes that players should retain outside interests, and how players should not allow gambling to take over their lives, amongst other important points. Essentially, the list promotes moderation in gambling and responsible gambling.

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