Although we hope we never have to use it, there’s no doubt that any online site has to have a solid Help section to give its customers access to a wide variety of sources and information to help PokerStars Help Sectionthem resolve any issues that they may have on the site. PokerStars UK Sportsbook is no exception to this, so in this article we are going to take a closer look at just what is available in the sites Help section.

Where do I find PokerStars Help section?

Locating the help section is relatively simple. Just load up the PokerStars app and then look down the right hand side of the screen on the new browser window. Near the bottom of the right hand bar underneath the “Tools” section you will find a the Help section marked with a question mark.

Click on this and this will bring up the Help section for the entire PokerStars site. It doesn’t matter whether you are logged into PokerStars Sports, Casino or Poker, the link still brings up the same Help menu regardless.

What is contained within the PokerStars Help section?

PokerStars Help SectionThe Help section on PokerStars is split into seven distinct sections, although it has to be said that the Help section does appear to have been set up predominantly with PokerStars Poker site firmly in mind, as only lip-service is paid to Casino and Sports issues.

Clicking on one of the seven sections listed under the Help bar on the left hand side of the screen brings up the sub-menus of options in the Information box to the right.

The seven sections of Help offered on PokerStars are:

  • Information

This contains key information about PokerStars site, software and features, such as Frequently Asked Questions, the sites Terms and Conditions, the weekly tournament schedule for poker, what is new on the PokerStars client software as well as information on Responsible Gaming and about PokerStars Casino.

  • Game Rules

The Game Rules section is arguably the most beneficial to new customers as it lists all the rules for a huge number of different games for both PokerStars Poker and PokerStars Casino. There is also a Sportsbook section which is somewhat smaller.

  • Contact Support

If you have a pressing problem that you need help with from someone at the company, click on this to open a new window in which you can leave a message to support about your issue, who will then get back to you via the email registered to your PokerStars account.

  • Log Files

If you are playing at any PokerStars site and you have an issue with the software that causes a problem, then PokerStars will investigate this. In order to do this, you need to send them the log files as well as an explanation of what the problem is and how it manifested itself. This is the area of the Help section dealing with these specific issues.

  • Open My Settings Folder

Like most pieces of software, PokerStars has an area on your computer where it keeps all the information pertaining to your settings on PokerStars. This is a menu to open that folder, although it is recommended that you only do this when guided to do so by PokerStars support as deleting or modifying the files can cause problems with the software and your log in.

  • Show Network Status

If you are experiencing connection problems with PokerStars for any reason and want to check whether the problem is with their servers, or perhaps your own WiFi or Internet cPokerStars UK casino sportsonnection, you can click on this option to show how strong the connections are for six different geographic locations. Two in the Isle of Man, on on the US West Coast, one on the US East Coast, one in London England and one in Sydney Australia.

  • About PokerStars

This is simply information about PokerStars current software and is likely to be only of very limited use to PokerStars customers.

How useful is PokerStars Help in reality?

While some of the options in the PokerStars Help section are very specific and are not likely to be used by customers, the first three options, Information, Game Rules and Contact Support are very handy to have.

The Information section is great for finding out details about the site, such as how the VIP club works, or a look at the different aspects of the PokerStars client software. The FAQ section also answers many of the most common queries people will have about the site. Additionally, having customer support easily available at the click of a button to resolve any issue is also a boon.

However Game Rules section is great for punters that may want to try different casino games, or versions of poker, but who may not fully understand the rules. Here, you can research all the games available on PokerStars Poker and Casino and get to grips with them easily.