How To Beat Back Those Gambling Temptations

resist gambling temptations

The urge to gamble can sneak up on anyone, whether you’re a casual player or someone who bets more frequently. It’s all about fun until it’s not, right? So we’re going to give you some practical tips on how to resist gambling temptations so you don’t end up wagering more than you like. No fluff, just the good stuff to keep you on track.

Set clear boundaries

Before you even think about gambling, decide on your limits. This isn’t just how much money you’re willing to lose, it’s also about how much time you spend. Maybe you decide only to gamble on Friday nights or only with $50. Once you hit your limit, that’s it. Walk away. This is your safety net. Gambling budgets, time limits and reality checks can all help with this.

Keep your money tight

Here’s a no-brainer. If you don’t have access to money, you can’t gamble it away. If you’re gambling in person, leave those extra credit cards at home and only bring the cash you’re okay with losing. Online, link your account to somewhere you only keep limited funds. And if it helps, leave your wallet in another room so you can be tempted to quickly top up during your session. That way, even if the temptation strikes, it’s way harder to actually bet more.

Find more hobbies

Boredom is a gambler’s worst enemy.. Get yourself some new hobbies that excite you just as much, if not more. Whether it’s hiking, gardening or cooking, make sure it’s engaging. You’ll soon forget about the allure of the betting slip.

Use tech wisely

These days, there’s an app for everything, including ones to help you manage your gambling habits. Set them up to block gambling sites and apps on your phone or computer. It’s like putting a padlock on your digital wallet.

Lean on your squad

Nothing is more valuable in life than a good support system. Tell your friends and family about your commitment to cut down on gambling. They can offer encouragement, as well as keeping you accountable when you need it. Good cop/bad cop, sorta stuff. Plus, it’s always harder to slip up when you know someone’s watching.

Avoid temptation triggers

Figure out what triggers your urge to gamble. It could be stress, excitement, social settings, particular sports… Once you know your triggers, you can develop strategies to avoid them. If it’s stress, try meditation or exercise instead. Or what about swapping out a poker night for a movie night? Small changes can make a big difference.

Get a little extra help

If it’s more tricky to resist gambling temptations than you first thought or you’re worried you have a full-blown addiction, you should get some help. There are lots of organizations out there with vast resources and contacts of places you can go and approaches you can take to help you manage your gambling or, indeed, cut it out of your life entirely.

In the USA, the place to go is the National Council for Problem Gambling. Or if you’re across the pond in the UK, Be Gamble Aware can be extremely helpful.



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