The Premier League – What Battles Are To Be Fought Over The Remainder Of The Season?

We are now well over the midway point of the Premier League season and some teams are already thinking about what the final ten or eleven games of the season will reveal.

As is often the case, there are now a number of different races within the Premier League at present, with different teams fighting for different things based on their league position and form.

While the glamour will see the title race brought into focus, there can be just as much excitement for fans of teams involved in some of the other big battles in the division and in this article, we are going to pinpoint what those battles are, who is involved and what the key games are that will likely go a long way towards deciding who ends up with the reward they wanted, and who misses out.

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So let’s first examine the different battles being fought in the Premier League right now, starting for the biggest honour of all, the Premier League title.

Premier League Battles 1 – Premier League Title Race

Teams Involved

  • Arsenal – 1st, P24, 57pts (+29)
  • Manchester City – 2nd, P25, 55pts (+39)
  • Manchester United – 3rd, P24, 49pts (+13)

Remaining EPL Games For Each Team


  • V Everton (H) – 1st March
  • V Bournemouth (H) – 4th March
  • V Fulham (A) – 12th March
  • V Crystal Palace (H) – 19th March
  • V Leeds Utd (H) – 1st April
  • V Liverpool (A) – 9th April
  • V West Ham (A) – 16th April
  • V Southampton (H) – 21st April
  • V Manchester City (A) – 26th April
  • V Chelsea (H) – 29th April
  • V Newcastle (A) – 6th May
  • V Brighton (H) – 13th May
  • V Nottingham Forest (A) – 20th May
  • V Wolves (H) – 28th May

Points Available – 42

Predicted Points – 34

Predicted Finishing Points – 91pts

Manchester City

  • V Newcastle United (H) – 4th March
  • V Crystal Palace (A) – 11th March
  • V West Ham (H) – TBD
  • V Liverpool (H) – 1st April
  • V Southampton (A) – 9th April
  • V Leicester City (H) – 16th April
  • V Brighton (A) – 23rd April
  • V Arsenal (H) – 26th April
  • V Fulham (A) – 30th April
  • V Leeds United (H) – 6th May
  • V Everton (A) – 13th May
  • V Chelsea (H) – 20th May
  • V Brentford (A) – 28th May

Points Available – 39

Predicted Points – 33

Predicted Finishing Points – 88pts

Manchester United

  • V Liverpool (A) – 5th March
  • V Southampton (H) – 12th March
  • V Brighton (A) – TBC
  • V Newcastle United (A) – 2nd April
  • V Brentford (H) – 5th April
  • V Everton (H) – 8th April
  • V Nottingham Forest (A) – 15th April
  • V Chelsea (H) – 22nd April
  • V Tottenham (A) – 27th April
  • V Aston Villa (H) – 30th April
  • V West Ham (A) – 6th May
  • V Wolves (H) – 13th May
  • V Bournemouth (A) – 20th May
  • V Fulham (H) – 28th May

Points Available – 42

Predicted Points – 30

Predicted Finishing Points – 79pts

As you can see, we’ve gone through the remaining games for the top three sides in the EPL chasing the title realistically and while we can see Manchester City cutting Arsenal’s lead, we feel the Gunners will just about hang on to clinch the title by a couple of points.

I am confident these three teams will occupy the top three slots in the Premier League this season which means that there will be a real race on for the final Champions League spot, plus the two Europa League qualification spots for 5th and 6th place.

Premier League Battles 2 – Remaining Champions League & Europa League Qualification Spots

Teams Involved

  • Tottenham Hotspurs – 4th, P25, 45pts (+11)
  • Newcastle United – 5th, P23, 41pts, (+20)
  • Fulham – 6th, P25, 39pts (+5)
  • Liverpool – 7th, P23, 36pts (+10)
  • Brighton – 8th, P22, 35pts (+10)
  • Brentford – 9th, P23, 35pts (+7)

There are six teams going for just a possible three qualification spots in Europe next season and at the moment, Spurs, Newcastle and Fulham occupy those spots.

All of the key games between the teams involved over the remainder of the season are shown below:

Key Games

  • 6th March – Brentford v Fulham
  • TBC – Liverpool v Fulham
  • 1st April – Brighton v Brentford
  • 8th April – Brentford v Newcastle
  • 8th April – Tottenham v Brighton
  • 23rd April – Newcastle v Tottenham
  • 30th April – Liverpool v Tottenham
  • 6th May – Liverpool v Brentford
  • 20th May – Tottenham v Brentford


  • 4th – Liverpool
  • 5th – Tottenham
  • 6th – Newcastle
  • 7th – Fulham
  • 8th – Brighton
  • 9th – Brentford

I think over the last few games of the season, Liverpool’s experience will tell and see the Reds snatch an unexpected Champions League spot for next season with Spurs and Newcastle earning Europa League spots for their campaigns.

Premier League Battles 3 – Relegation Battle

For me, the teams ranked 11th or higher in the EPL at the moment should be safe from the threat of relegation, however those in positions 12 down to 20th are the teams that are still very much embroiled in the battle with just nine points between Palace in 12th and Southampton at the foot of the table.

That covers a broad range of teams involved in the relegation battle, namely:

  • Crystal Palace – 12th, P24, 27pts (-10)
  • Nottm Forest – 13th, P24, 25pts (-24)
  • Leicester City – 14th, P24, 24pts (-6)
  • Wolves – 15th, P24, 24pts (-15)
  • West Ham – 16th, P24, 23pts (-6)
  • Leeds Utd – 17th, P24, 22pts (-10)
  • Everton – 18th, P24, 21pts (-15)
  • Bournemouth – 19th, P24, 21pts (-26)
  • Southampton – 20th, P24, 18pts (-22)

With the bottom three relegated from the Premier League, it is going to be a huge battle for all these teams to ensure that they preserve their Premier League status and with so many teams involved, there are going to be a number of key clashes between these teams over the coming weeks.

Here’s the crucial games in the relegation battle coming up:

Key Games

  • 4th March – Southampton v Leicester City
  • 5th March – Nottingham Forest v Everton
  • 18th March – Wolves v Leeds United
  • 1st April – Nottingham Forest v Wolves
  • 1st April – Crystal Palace v Leicester City
  • 2nd April – West Ham v Southampton
  • 4th April – Leeds United v Nottingham Forest
  • 8th April – Leicester City v Bournemouth
  • 8th April – Leeds United v Crystal Palace
  • 15th April – Southampton v Crystal Palace
  • 22nd April – Crystal Palace v Everton
  • 22nd April – Bournemouth v West Ham United
  • 22nd April – Leicester City v Wolves
  • 25th April – Wolves v Crystal Palace
  • 25th April – Southampton v Bournemouth
  • 25th April – Leeds United v Leicester City
  • 29th April – Crystal Palace v West Ham
  • 29th April – Bournemouth v Leeds United
  • 1st May – Leicester City v Everton
  • 6th May – Nottingham Forest v Southampton
  • 13th May – Crystal Palace v Bournemouth
  • 20th May – West Ham v Leeds United
  • 20th May – Wolves v Everton
  • 28th May – Everton v Bournemouth
  • 28th May – Leicester City v West Ham United
  • 28th May – Crystal Palace v Nottingham Forest

With so many games left to play between a significant number of teams, it is tough to predict exactly how the table will finish out, but here’s my prediction for the positions from 12th to bottom of the EPL come May.

Relegation Prediction

  • 12th – West Ham United
  • 13th – Leicester City
  • 14th – Crystal Palace
  • 15th – Nottingham Forest
  • 16th – Wolves
  • 17th – Everton
  • 18th – Leeds United
  • 19th – Southampton
  • 20th – Bournemouth

How do you think the key battles will unfold in the Premier League over the rest of the season?

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