PokerStars Sports

Ever since Amaya took over the Pokerstars brand name and announced it was going to diversify the long time poker site into other gambling areas, namely Casino and sports betting, having a Pokerstars Mobilestrong mobile presence has been a key part of the company’s strategy. With mobile gambling one of the fastest growing industries in the world, developing software that gave mobile users a fantastic experience when using Pokerstars has been a major focus for Amaya.

So the question is, how does the new Pokerstars mobile experience, with particular focus on the sports betting site, shape up for those who use the site via their iPhone or other mobile device.

The first thing to note is that Pokerstars mobile software is undergoing regular updates and as such, it is important that you keep the most up to date version on your device.

Accessing the Pokerstars site via mobile is very easy. The app is very much poker-oriented and indeed is known as Pokerstars Poker App, however when downloaded, you can access both the Casino and the Sports Book options using icons at the foot of the first page.

Clicking on the Sports Book brings up the familiar home page. Indeed, the look and feel of the home page is almost identical on a mobile device as it is when accessing the site using a PC and indeed in terms of the user experience, there is very little difference between the two.

That is also the case when it comes to the offers and markets available, indeed there doesn’t seem to be any difference between what sports and markets you can bet on via your mobile, as there is when accessing the site from a PC and that is a positive.

Pokerstars Mobile AppYou can also access all the promotions available on Pokerstars Sports, including the Starter Bonus, plus any of the promotions and offers the site run for specific sports events and the longer term Bad Beat Money Back offers for Tennis and Football accas, as well as the Bore Draw Money Back promotion for football games ending 0-0.

The actual mechanics of using Pokerstars Sports also translates very well onto mobile. Indeed, it is arguably easier to find and locate bets and place them using a mobile device (especially a tablet device, or a mobile with a larger screen) than it is using the website.

So in terms of the Sports Betting side of the Pokerstars app, the app works well and if you have used the website previously, you will not have any problems accessing or using the site via a mobile device whatsoever.

Of course, the main focus of the app is Poker and Pokerstars Mobile app does offer a wide range of poker games for those sports betting fans who also enjoy pitting their wits against other poker players. Pokerstars has long established itself as a popular mobile poker site and all the features that made the poker site popular with mobile poker players remain intact.

The only disappointment with the app comes when you access Pokerstars Casino. If you are used to playing Pokerstars Casino via a PC, you will know that there is a great selection of games to play. However, when accessing the Casino section of the site via the app, the choice of games is nowhere near as extensive, with a large number of slot games not yet ported over onto the mobile platform.

This is a disappointment, though only a secondary issue if you use the site primarily for poker or sports betting, however it would be nice to see all sites offering mobile customers the same breadth of choice as you can get on the website.

Overall, the Pokerstars Mobile App works very well, especially for poker and sports betting, while the casino app offers a decent choice of games, just not as extensive as on the website for the time being, however with future upgrades scheduled, it is likely more casino games, as well as increasing numbers of sports betting markets will soon be available for all Pokerstars mobile customers.