Your Ultimate Guide To Purchasing A Poker Table

Poker Table Purchasing

So you’ve decided to buy a poker table? Congratulations! You’re about to elevate your poker nights from “just okay” to “legendary”. But beware, the poker table purchasing journey is fraught with more peril than a river card that completes someone else’s flush.

What do you need from a table?

First things first, know your needs. Are you hosting a weekly poker extravaganza or a once in a blue moon affair? This will determine if you go for the Rolls Royce of tables or something that doesn’t scream, “I’ve spent my life savings on this.”.

And remember, size matters in poker table purchasing. Make sure it fits in your room, unless you plan on hosting games in an alternate dimension.

The next big decision is the shape of your table. The traditional oval is a classic, but round tables have their charm, promoting a more social vibe. And of course square tables can fit into smaller rooms pretty easily. Just don’t go for a triangle. It’s not avant-garde, it’s just awkward. And no one wants to be stuck on the pointy end.

Of course, materials matter too. If you spill more drinks than a clumsy bartender, or your regular guests do, consider a waterproof surface. You don’t want your new table turning into a soggy messy, reflecting your poker skills on a bad day. And for those who love to show off, nothing says “I’m a poker pro” quite like a table with built-in LED lights. Just remember, the lights won’t distract from bad bluffing.

Now let’s talk portability. If your idea of a fun Friday night involves lugging a heavy table around, by all means, ignore this part. But for everyone else, consider a folding table. It’s like a transformer, but instead of turning into a robot, it turns into something you can shove under your bed.

And don’t forget to accessorize

Accessories are the cherry on top. Cup holders? Essential, unless you enjoy wearing your drink more than drinking it. Chip trays? Absolutely, because nothing says, “I might have a slight organizational obsession” like perfectly arranged chips. And don’t forget about a dealer spot. It makes you feel like you’re running your own poker room, minus the crippling overheads.

Don’t blow the budget with poker table purchasing

Price is, of course, the elephant in the room. You can find tables that cost less than your weekly coffee budget or ones that make you consider selling a kidney. Set a budget, but remember, you get what you pay for. A table that costs as much as a sandwich might only be good for playing a game of “Who can lose a finger under this flimsy surface?”.

A great idea to find out what’s available at what price point is to shop online. Online shopping is the go-to for most, offering the convenience of not having to move further than the couch. Just be wary of reviews that seem too good to be true. “This table cured my baldness”, isn’t likely from a genuine buyer. Another great option of course is to support local businesses. Not only is it good for the community, you get the chance to test the bounce of the felt in person before you buy. Just don’t start a game in the store; they frown upon that.

Getting in the mood for poker table purchasing…

If all this talk of poker table purchasing has you in the mood for playing a game, you don’t have to wait until that table is delivered. Simply head online and find amazing action right now. One of our top places at the moment is bet365. And if you use this bet365 bonus code, you’ll get a fantastic welcome offer too.

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