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As a poker player, especially a relative newcomer to the game, your play at the tables should be about preserving your bankroll, winning some cash and developing your poker skills and experience by playing against other players in the most cost effective way possible. As such, it is worth heading to Bet365 Poker and checking out their daily Steps Tournaments.

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The Steps Tournament is a great way to gain experience playing against other players relatively cheaply but with also rewards for your progress. As you improve as a poker player and begin to finish in the higher places you can win free entry into the next ‘step’ of the tournament for a top two (or in some events, top three) finish. Progress through the tournament up to step seven and a tournament victory will guarantee you a token for free entry into a tournament with a prize fund of at least $200,000 guaranteed. (Cash prize equivalent of at least $215).

In theory, it is possible to buy in for just $0.16 and by finishing in the top two of each Steps Tournament as you progress, win the big prize following Step Seven, though of course the chances of this happening are pretty remote.

Where the real value in the Steps Tournament are for novice players is in the first three or four events, where the buy in ranges from just $0.16 to $3.30. While the rewards for playing are not great in financial terms, playing these events will hone your skills considerably and the goal of finishing in the top two or three to gain the big reward is something that will help adjust your sights from finishing in the money, to reaching the final table to eventually targeting the top prize.

Prizes are tiered in each step and there are a different number of prizes on offer, depending on which step of the tournament you are playing in. For example in the Step 1 tournament, the top two players earn a token to play in a Step 2 tournament, 3rd and 4th place players earn a token to enter a Step 1 tournament again (in effect, a free buy in to the same event you have just played). Lastly, the fifth placed player earns half their entry fee ($0.08) back.

The same prize system is used on each of the steps though the value and number of prizes on offer differs. On Step 2 and Step 6 tournaments for example, the top THREE players earn a token for the next tournament level, whereas on all the other steps, it is just the top two.

Also from Step 3 to Step 7 tournaments, it is possible to win tournament entry tokens to the next step (the top prizes), to reenter at the step you have just played (first consolation) and then also entry into the previous Step of the tournament as a second consolation prize (with cash prizes also awarded on some levels).

For example, on Step 5, the top two players in that tournament gain free entry (worth $33) to the Step 6 tournament, players finishing 3rd and 4th gain another token for a Step 5 tournament as a prize while those finishing 5th to 7th gain a Step 4 tournament entry token. The player finishing in 8th place would earn $2.10 in cash back.

Are Steps Tournaments Useful for Novice Players?

In terms of winning cold hard cash to add to your bankroll, then Steps Tournaments are not the best way for novice players to play on Bet365 Poker, however they do offer a structured, clearly defined goal and a chance to progress through the tournament at a relatively cheap rate, especially in the early steps.

Where these events are useful is in gaining experience of playing. The big prize token is also a decent prize, offering you a guaranteed buy in to a big money tournament of at least $215, and if you can work your way through the steps to get onto Step 7 and land the jackpot, you could have earned your $215 buy in, for as little as $3.30 or $11.

So if you are tired of Sit N Go’s and want a different poker challenge, check out the Steps Tournaments each day and see if you can take the next step in your poker career.

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