online 3-card brag

No matter how common there are, there are often casino games that leave players scratching their heads. But we’re here to reveal the secrets of one of them at least, which is why we’re bringing you our online 3-card brag FAQs.

It’s a really fun game and well worth the time to get your head around. So if you’re at all interested in playing it on your next online casino session, why not seize the moment and try it out for yourself.

Yes, it’s been going for hundreds of years. By some estimates, it goes back as far as the 1520s! However, even now there’s a whole lot to discover. And interestingly, playing online is actually quite different from playing among friends.

But once you’ve read our frequently asked questions, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to dip your toe into the action.

Online 3-card brag FAQs


How do you play 3-card brag online?

Playing 3-card brag online differs a little bit from the regular version.

In online 3-card brag, you place your ante bet. Then you’re dealt three cards face down.

Your opponent is the dealer,  who also has a face-down three card hand, so that’s who you have to beat.

What actions can a dealer take in 3-card brag?

There is a set play book for how dealers react in certain situations in 3-card brag online.

First off, they only play if their hand includes a Queen high or higher.

When their hand is lower than that, you get a refund and you can play again.

If it’s the dealer does play, then you’ve got to decide what to do. You can fold or keep playing until showdown.

If there’s a draw, you get your money back. If you lose, all your money is gone. And if you happen to win, then you get the play bets and antes.

What are the 3-card brag hand rankings?

Here they are, in order of highest to lowest:

  • Prial aka three of a kind
  • Running flush aka straight flush
  • Run
  • Flush
  • Pair
  • High card

When should you play your hand in online 3-card brag?

You should play your hand in online 3-card brag if you’ve got anything above a Q 6 4. You already know that your dealer is only going to play with a Q high and above. So it’s useless playing with anything less valuable than that.

But adding the 6 and the 4 puts the odds very slightly in your favor.

Where can I play 3-card brag online?

Most good online casinos will offer 3-card brag. But one of our absolute favorite places to play is bet365. They’ve got a good range of tables, including both regular 3-card brag and a Live Casino version.

And if you sign up now, you can make use of this bonus code bet365 too.

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