offside bet

Are you looking for an online sportsbook where you can make an offside bet? Well we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about that!

About offside bets

But before we dive into it, if you need to brush up on it, we’ve got the offside rule laid out here. Give it a read and get fully informed first.

And then let’s take you through the basics of what exactly an offside bet is and what you need to be thinking about before you make one.

What is an offside bet?

An offside bet is trying to predict how many times players from the teams run foul of the offside rule (and get caught!).

What are some good offside betting tips?

Like all types of betting, it pays off to do a little bit of homework before you make your predictions.

When it comes to this type of wager, we’ve got a few handy offside betting tips.

The most important thing is that you should pay particular attention to the when the defenders and forwards on each team tend to play. And, of course, the previous statistics. Not just from their last meeting. Take several games into account to get a better overall picture.

After you’ve got all those offside betting tips in your noggin, you can start to make an educated guess about how many match offsides are likely during this upcoming game.

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Is it worth making an offside bet?

Typically, offside bets have high margins and low limits.

They are tricky to get right and definitely need you to put in a little bit of thinking before you make your bets.

But are they worthwhile? We think they are if you’re a big soccer nut. If you spend your whole time thinking about soccer, this is an exciting extra string to your bow.

However, if you’re a casual fan, this is probably not the type of soccer betting for you.

Making this kind of wager

Okay, now you’re fully informed and ready. Let’s get into the practicalities of actually making one of these wagers.

Where can I make an offside bet?

Not every online sportsbook offers offside betting. But luckily we’ve got a good one up our sleeves who does.

You can make offside bets at bet365. Plus, if you’re new to the sportsbook, you can use this bet365 bonus code for a wonderful welcome offer.

Can I make an offside bet on every match?

No, you can’t make an offside bet on every match. But bet365 away offsides, as well as home offsides, are available on certain games.

You can bet on dozens of matches every single day on sites like bet365. Some of them are tiny regional games, some of them are massive Premier League games, while others are internationals that have the whole world watching.

But for each match, the types of bets you can place differ slightly. As a rule of thumb, for smaller and less popular matches (say local games), there will be fewer markets.

Then for the really big matches, you usually get a broader range to choose from when it comes to wagers like bet365 away offsides.

How do I find offside bets at bet365?

This is one sportsbook that is laid out pretty intuitively, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding offside bets (if they’re available for your particular match, that is). Simply go to Soccer.

Then select the match you’re interested in. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a number of different tabs.  The first two are usually Popular and Bet Builder. Popular simply gives you a selection of the most wanted wagers for this particular game.

Then there are a series of others, which may include Corners, Player and Specials. If Match Offsides are available, that’s where they’ll be.