Sky Poker On The Go

A few weeks ago we revealed that Sky Poker had released a new and improved version of their software client for their Texas Hold’em Cash Tables and now they have gone one further and given their Omaha cash tables a real update too.

Like the Texas Hold’em Cash Tables, the new Omaha software is a significant upgrade over the previous version and features a host of new improvements all designed to make your playing at the table more enjoyable.

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What does the update entail?

The biggest and most useful update has been the fact that you can now increase or decrease the size of the poker window, so that you can drag the size of the window to any size you prefer, including full screen.

This was a niggling point in the old software as, unlike many other poker rooms, the traditional Sky Poker software would not allow you to change the default size of the table, even if you tiled the tables to fit your screen.

Now though, you can simply click and drag the open poker window to any size on your screen, meaning it is easier than ever to tile two or more games being played at once, or especially for those players who have issues with their eyesight and who may have found the relatively small original window difficult to see.

New tiling feature improves multi-tabling experience

There is also a fantastic new “tiling” feature, which allows you to tile multiple tables to your screen automatically. The software will detect the parameters of your monitor and how many tables you have open and can then automatically tile them to your screen in the optimal format.

By using these mini views, you can then tell the software you prefer to play your games in the smaller windows, as opposed to the larger and once again, your preferences will be saved, allowing you to fully customise your poker room experience to your computer set up and your own personal preferences.

The revamp however goes further than simply the ability to open your window to your preferred size. Sky have also reworked several aspects of the actual poker software, so that the Omaha tables now reflect the many enhancements made to the Texas Hold’em table.

The graphics on the new table have been greatly improved with sharper, clearer images allied to faster and smoother animations. The look of the table is a vast improvement of the older, somewhat dated previous incarnation and it certainly looks and plays more elegantly and speedily than the older tables.

Various other upgrades round out the improvements

There are several other nice touches. The software will automatically detect when a screen has been resized and as such, will move the chat box to a more convenient location in relation to the table, so you don’t have to stick with the default, rectangular window. The software will automatically respond to the window you drag and optimise the visuals so you can still see everything.

Another nice touch is the preferred seating feature, which allows players to select which of the six or nine seats around the table that they most prefer to sit at while playing. Some people may have their own “lucky” seat and this option allows them to virtually sit in their preferred seat and will even save your preferences to a default option, meaning that when you next log in, you’ll be seated at the table in the same place.

For more advanced players of Omaha and Texas Hold’em, the new tables also boast two other important new features.

The Auto Top up feature allows you to calibrate the software so that when you play at a table and your chip stack reaches a certain level, the software will automatically top up your chips available to the original amount.

So for example, if you visit a table with £10 to play and you set the Auto Top Up feature to £2, once your chip stack reaches this level, the software will automatically add an extra £8 to your chips from your balance, to ensure you are still well stocked for chips at the table.

Another great new feature is the Notes feature. Now on Sky Poker you can make players about any opponent that you face when playing at the cash tables online.

You can colour code each note so that you have an at-a-glance reference to the player.

This is particularly useful if you are going to be playing in the cash rooms regularly and want to build up a clear profile of other players that you most commonly face. You may notice that one player tends to bluff a lot, or that they play tight, or loose. You may note that a player tends to pause before making a larger bet and that this signifies something (such as whether it is a bluff, or they actually have a strong hand).

Of course, playing against many different opponents, it is hard to commit all this very useful information to memory, so by using the notes feature, you can build up a real database of great information about the other players you face at the Omaha or Texas Hold’em Cash Tables.

The new poker rooms are now active and ready to go, your Sky Poker client will update your software with the new Omaha rooms the next time you log in.

Here’s hoping that Sky Poker continues to revamp its software to include their Sit & Go and MTT’s tables in the near future.

Sky Poker has also recently overhauled their loyalty program. Learn about the new Sky Poker Rewards Scheme here.