When it comes to slot games, there are some themes that tend to crop up a little more often than others. For example, we have already looked at some of the top Egyptian-themed slots, as well as our choice of Asian slot games to try. Animals are another theme that are very popular, as is the sea, fantasy and of course, Film and TV tie ins.

However, this week we are going to head back in time and clamber to the top of the famous Mount Olympus, smashing plates and playing the bouzouki as we go, as we take a look at four of our favourite Greek-themed slots available right now at the popular bet365 Games.

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We’ve no doubt that there will be a selection of Greek-themed games available at these sites in Pennsylvania, but if you are in the UK, then we’d strongly advise you to take a closer look at this selection of four Greek classics, with not a tragedy amongst them!

Rise of Olympus by Play ‘N’ Go

Not many people know that the most famous of Greek Gods, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon amongst others, were actually the offspring of the Titans. We’re going to meet the father of these gods, Kronos, in another slot below and he was an interesting character with a few issues, but for the Rise of Olympus slot by Play “N’ Go, we are going to focus more on his offspring.

This is a 5×5 reel slot which actually doesn’t feature any of your standard pay lines. Instead, players win cash by landing little clusters of symbols either vertically or horizontally anywhere across the reels. When such a win is triggered, the player is awarded the cash prize and the symbols disappear, which allows any symbols from above to drop down into the positions and potentially create additional wins.

Get lucky enough to clear all the symbols on the screen in this way and in addition to the cash prizes won as standard, you’d also receive a bonus prize of 100x your bet.

What makes Rise of Olympus stand out though is its range of bonus features. The first of these is the Hand of God bonus, which can be triggered on any non-winning spin in the base game. Here, one of the three gods in the game, Hades, Poseidon or Zeus will use their powers to offer you a chance of a win. Hades turns one set of symbols into another, Poseidon adds up to two Wilds to the reels, while Zeus will destroy two sets of symbols on the reels, allowing other combinations to form and trigger a win.

During the game, if you can charge the Wrath of Olympus meter, then you will trigger an additional bonus as one of the three gods will invoke their Hand of God bonus. Each time you trigger this bonus, the next god in line will invoke their feature, so it rolls around covering all three gods across three triggers.

Finally, you can also access a Free Spins bonus hame which allows you to select a game offered by each of the Three Gods, which allows you to take more or fewer spins, with the chance to earn more Free Spins during the bonus.

Age of the Gods Progressive Jackpot Series of Slots

No review of Greek-themed slots can be complete without a look at one of the eminent progressive slot series you can find at bet365 Games. The Age of the Gods series is a number of different slot games, based on a wide selection of characters from Greek mythology and each slot game is linked to the same progressive jackpot prize pool, the top prize of which regularly is measured in hundreds of thousands.

Each of the games in the series offers a different type of game to the last, so you can find a variety of games in the series, not just the same slot game with different graphics and sound. Also, you can vary the spin cost on each game so that you can find a game that plays at the perfect amount per spin for your bankroll.

There are a number of games in the series all prefixed by the Age of the Gods and they include the original Age of the Gods slot, plus the likes of Lord of Lightning, Prince of Olympus, King of Olympus, Fate Sisters, Furious 4 and more.

Gold King by Play ‘N’ Go

King Midas is perhaps one of the best known of all Greek mythologies. The famous king, whose touch could turn anything to gold, has been used as a cautionary tale for many years, warning people that even if you get everything you dreamed of, it can be something of a curse too. This 20 pay line slot can be played from £0.20 to £100 per spin and it is based on a standard 5×3 reel set.

One nice touch in the game is that one symbol per spin is selected to be the bonus symbol and this is stacked 12 symbols high across all five reels, offering you the chance of some multiple line wins if you get lucky.

There’s also a Free Spins bonus game, triggered when you land three of the King Midas Scatter symbols on the reels. Furthermore, during Free Spins every other Scatter landed will award you another Free Spins. Additionally, other symbols in the game are stacked on the reels, allowing for a greater chance of some multiple line wins.

The final bonus feature is the Golden Spin, which can be triggered on any spin and which sees the first, third and fifth reels stacked with just one symbol, allowing you the chance to perhaps trigger a massive win.

Kronos Unleashed by Scientific Games

Before the time of Zeus and the Greek Gods, it was the era of the Titans and the father figure in this group was Kronos, a rather unusual character who tried to avoid a prophecy of being superceded by his offspring, decided he would eat them rather than let that happen. Zeus eventually overcame his hungry father with the help of his revived siblings in a war between the Olympians and Titans and you can explore Kronos legend some more in Scientific Games’ Kronos Unleashed slot.

The game features five non-progressive jackpot prizes, which range from 10x to 5,000x your stake in value. It has five reels, but there are eight symbols on each. Spins start at just £0.20 per spin though, which makes the game good value, although higher rollers can ramp that up to £50 per spin.

You can win both ways across the reels and to help you land wins there is a Wild symbol. The Scatter offers access to the Free Spins bonus game, which is played on a different set of reels and which offers a better chance of higher value wins.

There is also a Lightning Respin Bonus which is triggered when you land six or more of the Gold Kronos symbols on the first reel. This will then trigger three free respisn of the other reels, but with just the Power Up and Gold Kronos symbols on the reels (all other spaces are blank). Add these to your collection to earn additional value prizes.