using PokerStars Sports results section

After the ability to place a bet easily, one of the most important aspects for any betting site is for punters to be able to see the results of the sports events that they have bet both easily and speedily. Pokerstars Sports Results SectionTo that end, PokerStars Sports own Results section is something of a hidden gem on the site.

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How the PokerStars Results section works

Finding the results section is simple enough. When you load up the Home page of the site, you will see four tabs at the top of the main display.

Highlights, In-Play, Promotions and Results and there’s no prizes for guessing which of these tabs will take you to the results section.

Once the Results selection has loaded up there are two things at the top of the page which you need to set up and these are the filters. The first filters the options available by Sports and using the drop down list available. There are a wide number of sports available on the list, although they are not listed alphabetically.

Once you have highlighted the sport you want to look at results for, the next choice is to select the date. You can click on two pre options, the last 24-hour period, or you can select a date from the calendar option.

Once you have the sport and your date chosen, the list of results will automatically update and you can now scroll through all the results available.

PokerStars Sports organises results of your chosen sport into different countries and clicking on a country, such as England, will bring up a list of results of matches played on the date you have specified from the country you have chosen.  The list of matches available appear under the Events bar in the middle of the page.

Once you have a list of games, scroll through the list to bring up the match you want to find out the results of and click on it.

Pokerstars Sports Results ServiceWhat happens now is that in the middle section of the page, you will see a list of betting markets that were previously available for that game, complete with what the result of that bet was for a win.

For example, the Match Result option will list the name of the team or player that won the game, The total goals option will list the correct total goals bet out of those available and so on.

You can then scroll down this long list of options available to discover what the outcome was of many different bets that were available on the game. This includes handicap betting as well as Over/Under goal betting in the case of soccer although similar bets are also displayed for other sports too.

Of course, the more high profile a match is in the sporting world, then the more bets there will have been on that event and as such, the result section will be much longer for these games as there are far more bets available on them.

What we like about this tool

What is truly excellent about PokerStars Sports sports betting results service is the sheer detail available on all the bets, even for lesser sports. The fact that you can also easily search for specific sports between certain dates also saves a lot of fruitless scrolling through lists and wading through matches that you aren’t interested in to get to the ones that you are.

In short, PokerStars Sports results option gives the typical punter everything he needs to locate the results of the bets he has made either recently, or further back in time, quickly and easily. As well as proving a useful tool to discover the results of bets made on sports events, it can also be a useful tool for punters seeking to research specific betting markets for future bets.

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