After seven weeks of action (despite a postponed week in Exeter due to the snowy effects of the “Beast from the East”, the PDC Premier League Darts is now reaching its first cutoff point. That is Judgement Night, which will take place at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on Night Nine (5th April) of this 16-week tournament.

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There’s been thrills and spills aplenty across the event this year, with some players starting the event slowly and finding their form, other players making a quick start but seeing performances tail off, while one player still awaits their first win in the event. No player has a 100% record heading into the final two weeks of the tournament, which shows the high-level of competition in the event this year.

Before we look ahead as to what may happen on Night Eight and crucially, Judgement Night (Night Nine), let’s take a look at the current table as it stands following Night Seven’s games.

Current Premier League Darts Table

Pos Player Ply Legs For Legs Ag Pts Leg Agg 3 Dart Avg Checkout %age
1 Michael van Gerwen 7 47 23 12 +24 103.09 45.63%
2 Michael Smith 7 42 29 10 +13 92.65 38.89%
3 Rob Cross 7 38 29 10 +9 97.96 48.72%
4 Raymond van Barneveld 7 40 37 8 +3 94.11 38.83%
5 Gary Anderson 7 40 39 7 +1 98.14 40.82%
6 Simon Whitlock 7 38 37 7 +1 95.94 42.70%
7 Daryl Gurney 7 37 41 6 -4 97.04 32.17%
8 Mensur Suljovic 7 31 39 4 -8 99.84 45.49%
9 Peter Wright 7 26 45 4 -19 95.64 36.11%
10 Gerwyn Price 7 27 47 2 -20 92.07 39.13%

What is certain so far?

What is certain is that Michael van Gerwen, Michael Smith and Rob Cross are all confirmed as having made it into Stage Two of the competition after Judgement Night and in all likelihood, barring an exceptional series of results over the last two weeks, Raymond van Barneveld is almost certainly through.

That leaves the bottom six players all a little unsure of their circumstances, although Gary Anderson and Simon Whitlock are both in a very strong position and again, it would take an unusual set of results to see them dragged down into the bottom two and thus missing out on the next stage of the tournament.

In essence, it looks like it is between the bottom four players for the two elimination spots. What are their chances of surviving into Stage 2 of the tournament? Well let’s take a look at who each player will face in Night Eight and Night Nine of the tournament.

Player Name Night Eight Opponent Judgement Night Opponent
Michael van Gerwen V Raymond van Barneveld (4) V Mensur Suljovic (8)
Michael Smith V Gerwyn Price (10) V Raymond van Barneveld (4)
Rob Cross V Daryl Gurney (7) V Gary Anderson (5)
Raymond van Barneveld V Michael van Gerwen (1) V Michael Smith (2)
Gary Anderson V Mensur Suljovic (8) V Rob Cross (3)
Simon Whitlock V Peter Wright (9) V Gerwyn Price (10)
Daryl Gurney V Rob Cross (3) V Peter Wright (9)
Mensur Suljovic V Gary Anderson (5) V Michael van Gerwen (1)
Peter Wright V Simon Whitlock (6) V Daryl Gurney (7)
Gerwyn Price V Michael Smith (2) V Simon Whitlock (6)

Who will be eliminated on Judgement Night?

One player that will likely have a very big say who is eliminated on Judgement Night is the Wizard of Oz, Simon Whitlock. The Aussie was at the top of the table with Michael Smith in the early stages of the tournament but has struggled a little for form over the last two weeks losing to Michael van Gerwen and Gary Anderson but earning a 6-6 draw with Daryl Gurney.

He’ll face the bottom two players in his final two games knowing that a win over either will confirm his place in the next round and likely condemn that player to elimination. As such, it will arguably his two games with Peter Wright and Gerwyn Price that will decide the outcome of Judgement night.

Of those hoping to avoid elimination, Peter Wright has the best chance on paper facing the sixth and seventh placed Simon Whitlock and Daryl Gurney in his two games. The problem for Wright is that he is in abysmal form after losing his last three games by a 7-1 scoreline, this after he inflicted the only defeat in the tournament on Michael van Gerwen on Night Two.

For me, Gerwyn Price is likely already eliminated. The Welshman has not yet won a game in the event, picking up his two points so far with two draws, and he has struggled with the long format and gruelling travel schedule that is part and parcel of the Premier League. I can’t see him getting the better of Michael Smith or Simon Whitlock unless he improves his 3-dart average and develops a better killer instinct.

To be honest, I think Peter Wright’s lack of form means that he is likely to join the Welshman in being eliminated unless he can turn things around. The Scotsman has the quality to do precisely that, but lacking confidence and form, he will need to produce a big win over Simon Whitlock to give himself a chance into Judgement Night.

If he can though, then I think that will put Mensur Suljovic at risk. The Austrian has not played badly in this tournament but has ran into some players bang in form and been rather unlucky on that score. However, with two games against Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen left, the chances of Mensur picking up a win in those games is small I feel and that could give Wright a chance.

Who will qualify for the Playoffs?

After Judgement Night, the remaining eight players play out a further six nights of darts, with two nights scheduled in Week 11 in Rotterdam to make up for the missed date in Exeter earlier in the competition. In this phase each player will play an opponent once each night apart from one night of the event when they will have two games to play.

The aim here is to finish in the top four to gain qualification for the playoffs and in truth this could be the most intriguing part of the tournament.

For me Michael van Gerwen and Rob Cross look very likely to claim two of those spots, both are in great shape ahead of the final two weeks of the season and both are on five game winning streaks in the tournament. I can’t see anybody stopping either of these players making it into the Playoffs.

However, the other two spots are very much up for grabs. Michael Smith has been winning games without playing well and that may catch up with him soon, especially with the likes of Gary Anderson and Raymond van Barneveld slowly returning to form. The outsiders for me are Whitlock, plus the other two qualifiers (who are likely to be Gurney and Suljovic in my view), but that could change if Wright manages to find his form and make the playoffs. If he can, the Scot is capable of producing a blistering charge which could put him right in contention.