Coral Race Modlr

Have you been told of the “guaranteed winner” from a friend or acquaintance who has told you that this particular horse cannot lose? Only for you to back it and discover that it most certainly Coral Race Modlr Predictioncan lose the race, as well as costing you your stake money!

Every horseracing punter will likely have a story similar to this when a “sure-fire winner” proved anything but. It is at these times that your thoughts may turn to thinking about how you can most accurately predict a race so you would have a chance of predicting the winner correctly more often.

And now to help punters achieve just that Coral have come up with their own Horse Racing Simulator. It is called Race Modlr (short for Modeller) and it is available for punters to use right now on the Coral sports betting site. The Race Modlr software is also available for download as an app for both Android and iOS devices.

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What is the Race Modlr?

Coral Race ModlrPerhaps what is most surprising is that the developers of the Race Modlr software didn’t actually use horseracing as the basis for their software. Instead, the company looked to the world of high finance and the software that traders use to predict market movements, based on a large number of factors, in order to predict whether a price will rise or fall.

The company then translated this model into one that fit into the arena of horse racing betting. For every race in the UK, the company measures a number of different parameters both about the course in question, the condition of the ground, the jockey on the horse as well as the form and tendencies of the horse itself, to come up with a prediction of how each race will progress and finish.

What is a nice touch and what certainly makes the software easily accessible, is rather than simply present these results and observations in a spreadsheet format, the software will present to the viewer a 3D portrayal of how it sees the race panning out. Key horses in the race will be highlighted and key points about the horse will be shown across the screen.

These pointers will highlight why the software feels the horse will perform as it will, explaining why a horse will either underperform, over-perform or race as expected based on the data it holds about the race and horse in question.

What these pointers are, are the observations of the software based on the parameters input about that runner for the race. Therefore, if a horse likes the going on a particular track and has performed well against similar level competition in other races, it would have a generally more positive performance predicted than a horse that has stepped up in class or which doesn’t have the form on the stated ground.

Of course, these are just two small parameters which the software takes into consideration when predicting a race. There are many more issues noted for each runner, including the trends in betting, which the software uses to come up with a prediction for each race.

You can use the Race Modlr software on Coral Sports now for any UK and Ireland horse race.

How successful is Race Modlr at predicting races?

Of course, a piece of software aimed at predicting the outcome of a race is only as good as the results that it has achieved and here is what the designers of Race Modlr have stated about how Coral Race Simulatorsuccessful their software is at predicting the outcome of horse races successfully:

Rigorous and perpetually learning, this algorithmic approach can quickly assess all the key factors likely to affect the performance of every horse in a given race. The computers selections have had a 30.3% strike rate in all GB races in the six months since the Derby.”

A strike rate of just over 30% in all races in Great Britain is a particularly impressive feat, given the nature of horse racing and how unpredictable it is. Indeed, there are many punters who would happily take a win ratio of one win in approximately three races every time.

Are there any other features on the software I can use?

Yes, the software also has another feature (which you can also access on the Coral sports betting site) and that is the Paddock Profile section.

In this section, if you elect not to follow the tip provided by the software at the end of the race simulation, what you can do is review the parameters for each runner in the race by clicking on the horses Paddock Profile. The profile will list a number of parameters and also indicate whether they are a positive or a negative for the horse in this particular race.

There’s also a written summary of these points as well as a guide to the horses recent form in past races including whether those performances by the horse in previous races was as expected, above par or below par.

If you prefer to use your own predictive skills, you can use the information contained in the Paddock Profile on each horse to formulate your own prediction as to which horse is likely to win or perhaps finish in the each way places.

Coral Race ModlrHow do I locate Race Modlr on the Coral Sports site?

Finding the Race Modlr software on the Coral Sports site is very easy. Simply click on the horse racing section of the site and then select any of the races available that day that are being run in Great Britain or Ireland.

When you select a race you will see a screen load up which at the top has the Racing Post verdict on who will win the race and next to this is an image of a jockey wearing silks with the title Race Simulator. Simply click on this and you will then be shown the Race Modlr predicted outcome of the race.

If you want to see the Paddock Profile for each of the selections, simply scroll down the screen to the list of runners for the race. After the horses name, its trainer and owner, there are two other titles highlighted in green. Spotlight and Virtual Paddock. Simply click on the Virtual Paddock link or the jockey silks icon adjacent to it to be taken to the Paddock Profile for that horse.

With a 30% success rate reported by the software owners, this add on to the Coral Sports site is well worth a closer look for any punter seeking to land more winners when betting on the Sport of Kings.